Newsletter – Fall 1997


One of the favorite things that we do is to multiply our ministry by teaching others. In the spring, we trained a group of Covenant College students who were to share with the Quechua in Peru.

We taught them to tie balloons, do Spanish puppet shows and use bracelets to present the Gospel. They saw many come to Christ!

Under the leadership of our good friend, Travis Hutchinson, they worked with orphans whose Christian parents had all been killed by terrorists. These children had seen things that you and I would never want our children to experience. In the face of terrible tragedy, they sing praises to a great God, confident that He has not forgotten them.

Their parents went to their deaths believing that we, the Christian world, would take care of their children. If you would like to help, please contact Travis at 423-821-1861.


Working with Travis and Kimberly Hutchinson, we have been so excited to see the way God has expanded our college ministry. Many Sundays, we worship together and then bring 40 or more students home for lunch, from both Covenant and UTC.

They represent the sons and daughters of missionaries, international and American students who are a long way from home. Together, we have enjoyed water battles, shared customs from many cultures, grown together in the Lord and prayed through trials and blessings.

We also learned that grits are not the best choice for an international breakfast. Our Ecuadorian friend tried to feed them to our cat. When the cat would not eat them, he decided that Ecuadorians should not eat them either. Life is very interesting around here.


The inner-city is a very exciting place to present the Gospel. There is a genuine hunger for the Gospel as people have less materially to distract them from the reality of their heart condition. Working with our friends at Sabathani Baptist, we were blessed by their love for the Lord.

Four days before we arrived, a 15 year old girl had attacked two other teenagers and killed one of them, right across from the church. It was sad to see how fearful the children were as we walked around, inviting people to the puppet show. God is always bigger than our fears and as we watched people respond to the power of the Gospel, we were so blessed. More than 10 children responded, indicating that they wanted to know Jesus.

This door opened because of a church who loves the Lord! We want to thank Pinewoods PCA for giving us an opportunity to share at their church and underwriting the cost of the trip, so that we could share in the inner- city.


Twice this year, we have had the privilege of working with the young people at Concord Baptist Church,training them for a summer mission trip. They have learned their lessons well, becoming skilled in puppets and story telling techniques. Their love for Jesus is a blessing to us! Please pray for them as they will be sharing in South Carolina in June.


The young people at Redeemer Presbyterian Church have a real love for the Lord. They did the best job possible on publicity for the puppet show. Even when we were late arriving, they quickly learned the skills necessary to present the Gospel using bracelets. That night, they had two children pray to receive Christ with them. They were so excited! We commend their enthusiasm and their hard work for the Lord. Our thanks to Sterling Edwards, the pastor, for his Godly vision and patience with our delay.


I know that you are out in your gardens now, but we are already planning December’s celebration. Last year, we were pleased to present the Gospel to over 500 children and adults as they toured our home. They included students from elementary and highschool classes, representing public, private and home school groups, a variety of treatment programs, church groups, and foster homes. They came from Atlanta, Dalton, Lagrange, Calhoun, Chattanooga, and locally.

As they toured the house, they saw 17 decorated trees, heard stories of Christmas long ago, played with unusual toys, and heard the wonderful news of Jesus.

We are grateful to the highschool and college students who helped us. God honored their hard work and answered our prayers. We saw more than 25 children come to Jesus and were thrilled as others who had prayed with us in years past returned.

Consider bringing a group to our home this December, but call and schedule as soon as possible. Also, begin to pray now for this outreach.


Speaking of June… God has opened incredible doors for this summer’s ministry. Our travels will take us to nine states as we share in a variety of churches, schools and on the streets.

Please pray for our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and for protection for our equipment as we minister in potentially dangerous inner city situations. We need your prayers!


With the puppeteers busy with highschool and college classes, Linda has begun to seek opportunities to share during chapel hours at Christian schools. This is an incredible opportunity to share with unchurched children as many lost parents choose Christian schools as safe places for their children. Assisted by some homeschooled friends, Linda presented the Gospel to over 250 children at Brainerd Baptist School. Many confessed Christ as Savior. Please contact us if you are interested in having a chapel program in your area.


…Praise for New Life Church in Fort Ogelthorpe and the children who came to Christ there. A father told us his son became a Christian 2 years ago at a puppet show.

…Praise for local churches who allowed us to share in their Sunday School, evening services, and children’s church and greatly helped our ministry financially.

…Praise for a visit from Fernando and Vicki Cruz, friends that we worked with last summer in Mexico. Pray for their ministry!

….Praise for the opportunity to work with a wonderful Hispanic church in Gainesville, GA. We did street ministry and evangelism training together. Ask God to give their pastor, Rueben, wisdom in leading this terrific group of people.

…Pray for Josh Brown. Due to personal decisions, he is no longer with us. We are grateful for his help and will miss him very much.

…Praise for a great weekend at Smokey Mountain Church Camp. Highschool and college students joined together to work on this camp which shares Christ with many young people every summer.

…PRAY FOR IRELAND! In June 1998, we are planning a trip to northern Ireland to work with John Moxen, training and equipping an Irish puppet team. Talk with your church and consider supporting our ministry for this mission trip.

…Praise for the financial support that you gave the three puppeteers for this summer!

…Praise for Josh and Matt retaining their scholarship. They completed their Freshman year in Engineering with a 3.6 average for 36 semister hours

…Pray for Aaron Rapier as he prepares for his Senior year in Highschool and is making decisions about which college to attend.


In May, I had a business trip to Savannah, Georgia. While I attended meetings, Linda explored the city. She had brought puppets and balloons, hoping to share with some children.

One day, she saw 30 children playing in a park near our hotel. Linda walked up to their teacher and introduced herself as a member of a traveling Gospel puppet team, and asked if she could tie balloons, tell a story and show them puppets.

With approval, Linda raced back to the hotel and returned with the necessary equipment. For twenty minutes, she entertained the children and told them about Jesus. As they drove off in their bus, they shouted their thanks. God is awesome!


We are very grateful to the children of Highlands Church in Lafayette, Georgia for making thousands of Gospel bracelets. We use them in our ministry and share them with many other ministries as well. The children are a good example of people who actively look for a chance to serve Christ. These children don’t focus on the things that they can’t do, they simply do what they can.