South Africa 1999

Posted 1999

Dearest Friends,

Today was an incredible day. We began this morning by sharing at a little preschool for 50 children and their teachers. It went very well and we worked with our second puppet team. They received an invitation to return and do another program. Praise God!!!!

We had a little time before the next show, so we had tea and a pastry. The food is very good here, but some things are different. We saw an egg offered as something to put on a hamburger. We both like crooked sisters, a pastry they serve. Spunspeck (spelling is not right) is delicious. Maybe you know it as a cantaloupe. Will says that he especially likes the fruit juices. Babooki is a yummy curried flavored meat dish.

Our second program found us at the Baptist Theological seminary where we did a program for students, visitors, and pastors attending a conference. This was very important because we were able to challenge them to put effort toward reaching the children for Christ. They responded with tremendous enthusiasm and 4 spoke to our friend Jimmy about scheduling a show using one of our new puppet teams. Praise God!!!!!

In God’s providence, we came just as people were wanting to put an emphasis on the children. Many previously questioned a child’s ability to make a real commitment to Christ. There are so many that are now open. God prepared the way.

Tonight, we saw around 15 children tell us that they wanted to trust Jesus. We were at a church and many children were first time visitors.

We had lots of difficulty with equipment and God blessed in spite of our failings.

Please pray for us. We are really tired and very blessed, as we have almost 3 shows a day every day this week. It was cooler today.

Love in Jesus, Will Jackson and Linda Summer