Mexico 2003

Posted April 1, 2003

Dearest Friends,

Please continue to pray for the wonderful believers as they continue the work in Mexico…

In Christ, Michael Summer, director

Posted March 22, 2003

Dearest Friends,

Thank you so much for praying for this last trip to Yucatan! We saw God do wonderful things as many children responded to the Gospel. Everywhere we traveled, students from last year’s seminary class who told me that they had begun many different works with children. This was awesome! Most had nothing to work with, but this did not stop them.

The team in Kanasin that we decided to equip was doing wonderful ministry with only 2 puppets, a homemade elephant suit, and a curtain. When they received a full set of equipment, they were so overwhelmed that they cried. This was a gift that they never imagined. We decided to equip this team on the recommendation of the local pastor, Freddie Ramos, and because of the work that they had done with the children over the last year. Their desire to be obedient to their Father’s command made their lack of equipment a small problem. Please pray for this team as they make plans for future ministry. They are faithful!

Many of the churches that we worked with still had not replaced the glass in their church windows that hurricane Isadore had destroyed. This was not stained glass, but plain glass, which was too expensive to fix. Most of these churches were concrete block buildings, which often had no windows or doors. Some were simply covered concrete pads. I was often struck by the absence of all the things that we name as necessities when we build a church. Great things happen for the kingdom in those places that we would never consider using. I learn so much from my friends.

Last year, we visited a desperately poor place, Cucholoch, and returned this year to find a church there. The Gospel always changes a place and there was a different spirit there.

One day, we drove 1 and a half hours to reach a small village where we did a puppet show for a public school. The nearby elementary school had forbidden us to come, but we prayed and saw God open the door. At both schools, the teachers were receptive to the Gospel. Your prayers opened so many doors!

On Saturday, we did a program for children in a very small village. As I think about their houses, I struggle for words that will describe to you what we saw. The people were desperately poor, but I have seen so much poverty and disease in the last few years. This place felt hopeless and you could see the hopelessness mirrored in people’s eyes. The little church there offers those children their only hope as they share Christ. The Gospel is the answer to all of these problems.

Yucatan is a wonderful place and we left there with the knowledge that there are 3 strong puppet teams who will continue sharing Jesus with the children. I am so grateful to the Covenant College students who accompanied me, as well as David and Aaron who always travel with the puppet ministry.

Thank you for praying! In Jesus, Linda for Aaron, David, Alli, John, Carrie and David

Posted March 14, 2003

Dearest Friends,


Sometimes the children really listen to the puppets. At a school yesterday, during a skit, the puppet asked “What is a Christian?” A little boy raised his hand to answer the question. Many children who came, prayed out loud, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Over a 2 day period, we did 4 shows at this school where 90% of the students are Roman Catholic. The school director treated us with BubuLubu, some very tasty chocolate.


Three times this week, we have taught at San Pablo Seminary. This was an incredible opportunity to train people from across Mexico in child evangelism. They were so hungry to learn and eager to try, even with their lack of money or equipment. They believed that God wanted them to reach the children and that one simple truth was all that was required.


Since Ali is from Corpus Christi, Texas, she especially enjoyed sharing in Corpus Christi, Yucatan. This is a new community of 56,000 people where there are only 2 evangelical churches, both with under 50 people. We drove through another community of 26,000 people, where there is not a single church. There is enormous need here. The church where we with the puppets was a steel framed roof attached to the side of a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant offered this land for the church to meet. There are no doors, no windows, and gravel for a floor, but they share Christ. So many of these churches convict and challenge me to be careful that I spend God’s money wisely in our ministry.


Celestun is a fishing village that was hit very hard by Hurricane Isadore. The small church still does not have glass in its windows, but they filled it with children Wednesday night. Earlier in the day, we did 2 shows at nearby schools and promised the children flying rat balloons if they would come. God uses the strange things. That night more than 15 children asked Jesus to be their Savior and one little boy prayed out loud.

Our friends in Celestun live in poverty. Their homes are 1 or 2 rooms and they own little. However, they love Jesus and so they give. They fished for us, cooked the food outside on an open fire and fed us 2 wonderful meals. A lady in the church gave each of the puppeteers a thank you gift of a seashell that she gathered. Pray for the church at Celestun to be a bright light in a very dark place. Ask God to provide them with materials for teaching all the children who just became Christians.

We are far form home and things are very different. Last night, we ate pizza served with salsa, hot peppers, and Worcestershire sauce.

Continue to hold us in your prayers.

In Christ, Linda, for Alli, Aaron, David, John, Lionel and Carrie.

Posted March 12, 2003

Dearest Friends,

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

These words hung on the front door of a Mayan home that was just rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Isador this past September. The family’s two room home was leveled by the terrible force of the storm, but their faith held strong. This family of six are my friends whose home I visited last year. Over two million trees are dead from the hurricane. Now it has not rained for over a month and the dead trees have become very dry. Now, there are many forest fires all over the area.

San Hose Oriente, where they live, is blessed with a strong church. A brother in Christ from Merida came to see them only days after the storm. All of their homes were totally destroyed and their few possessions had been buried in mud. He said, “Physically, I saw that their faces were sad, but they remained faithful. I cried for them.” The church still has broken windows.

The men in the church met and agreed which house they would rebuild. All worked on that home until it was finished. Many people in Yucatan are homeless, as some 85,000 families still need help. It costs $300 to rebuild each of these small Mayan homes. For $12, a family of five received two and one half pounds of rice, beans, maize flour, and sugar, along with a liter of oil, a pound of cookies, a little coffee, a little salt, 2 bars of soap, 4 rolls of toilet paper and detergent for clothes. This aid was provided from September until January and now there is no more money to help. Six more months are needed until a new crop of corn can grow. There are 28 families in the church.

Working with Pastor Jorge Vidal, in a small Mayan town is one and a half hours from Merida, we saw God do an amazing thing. We seldom ask the children if they prayed with us, asking Jesus Christ to be their Savior, but Jorge did ask after we finished on Monday night. More than 40 children immediately raised their hands and came forward for more prayer. Praise God! All of us forgot how tired and hot we were at the sight of their faces.

I told a teacher at a public school, “Yo estoy feliz porque Jesu Christo vive en mi corazon” (I am happy because Jesus Christ lives in my heart.) This is one of the only sentences that I can speak in Spanish. She miled and said, “I can see Jesus’ love in your eyes.” This is our constant prayer as we share with thousands of people, most who do not know God. Pray for the team to be light and ask our Father to refresh their weary bodies. It is extremely hot.

In Maxcano, working with the unstoppable David and Jean Legters, we gathered with 200 people inside a church with no doors or windows. There was not money to finish the concrete block structure, but that did not mean that they could not use it with joy and pride. To be the Legter’s friend is an honor, especially in Yucatan where they are beloved by the Mayan people. Our work began here three years ago because of them and continues thanks to the faithfulness of Pastors Freddie Ramos and Miquel Sansores. Please pray for all of these special friends for extra strength.

We are blessed to serve! In Jesus, Linda for Aaron, David, Alli, Carrie, John, and Lionel.

Posted March 9, 2003

Dearest Friends,

We are in Yucatan. Praise God that all of our baggage arrived undamaged and cleared customs.

Immediately, we went to work. Two hours after we arrived, we met with our puppet team at the Divino Salvador church. Last year, we asked you to pray that God would establish a team here. He wonderfully answered our prayers. They are a team of 15 young people. Many are students, some studying law and business. They have already traveled to other states and trained other puppet teams. Praise God!

This morning, we set up our stage beside theirs and presented a joint program. They shared with a puppet drama that they had written. It was awesome!

We have 2 more shows today, and 4 shows each day for the rest of the week. Please pray for strength to work in the heat, as it is 100+ degrees Farenheit!!!! here.

Most of all, ask God to call many children to himself.

In Jesus, Linda Summer for David (England), Aaron (USA), Lionel (South Africa), John (USA), Alli (USA), and Carrie (USA).

Posted March 8, 2003

Dearest Friends,

The team from Covenant College slept???? at our house last night. Got up at 1:30 AM and left for the Atlanta airport at 3:00 AM. All the bags were checked and they boarded the plane for Mexico at 9:00 AM.

Pray for the team as they have to deal with temperatures of around 100 degrees F for the next 10 days.

Also pray that the equipment arrives with the team. They are on a smaller plane to Mexico City and a smaller one to Merida and the equipment could be held up for several days.

I am still (and have been for the last three weeks) in Southern Californa on a work detail. I arrive home on Wedensday for 12 days and then return to California for another 3 weeks.

In Christ, Michael Summer for the team.