Dearest Friends,

Our blessings are too many to number! Our joy is beyond our worlds. Thank the Lord for the following blessings. Dozens of children at a small gypsy school in the village of Boliarov prayed loudly, shouted, asked Jesus to be their Savior! It was a wonderful time for all of us at the children responded with incredible enthusiasm to every part of the program.

At a children’s home for the mentally and physically handicapped, a single voice could be heard praying softly. These children were in wheelchairs. One little boy had no arms, a young boy’s face was badly burned, and many struggled to walk or think clearly. Even with all of these problems, they laughed and smiled as the heard how much Jesus loved them!

Today, we did a puppet show for gypsy children in a remote village called Sol. It means salt in English. We are a team from 4 countries; Slovakia, France, Ireland, and America. A missionary from South Africa asked us to come and share with the children that he served. God literally brought people together from all over the world to tell children He loved them. Amazing!

In Kocerovce, 100 village school children listened amazingly well. This is the work of God’s Holy Spirit. Pray that all the children can listen well! It is hard to pay attention when you are hungry, or home is a scary place. Three trips ago, we first went to this school and the teachers remembered!

Yesterday, we did three programs in schools before 1:00. Then, there was still more work to do!

At one school, the teachers were thrilled that we came! They gave us wonderful drawings that the children did to thank us for coming. In 2 of the pictures, I had brown hair and looked very skinny! Sam looked like the wolf ma, but the puppets looked very happy. Children are so much fun! 1 They also rushed out to buy me a yellow rose! We were blessed!

Not everyone is happy when talk about Jesus. Some teachers frowned through the entire program and mocked God. Others were more direct as one director told us exactly what she thought about Christians, but she had a problem. The children, visiting parents, and the other teachers loved the program; they did not listen to what she had to say. She yelled at one of our friends, but everyone else wanted us to come again. Please pray for this lady to come to Jesus. Her face was full of pain and bitterness. Only Jesus can take away her anger.

At Krizovei shelter, we shared with homeless children who finished with the orphanage system and had nowhere to go. There were also many abused women, with their children, as well as others who were homeless for other reasons. Imagine having the privilege to tell those dear women and children that there is someone who loved them. His name is Jesus.

In one of the worse areas that I have ever visited, someone had drawn a big heart on the wall with a cross above it. On it, they had written the word love. We were visiting Gypsy homes in Kosice where 14 people share 3 rooms. Even in great darkness, His light shines.

Hadia was very moved by a visit to an orphanage. A little girl told her that she thought that they looked alike. Hadia visited her room. She said that as you walked into her room is was full of beds with no room to walk around. It smelled so bad. She told Hadia, “You could stay with me or take me home with you.” When we got to the van, Hadia wept. The little girl kissed her goodbye and told her how much she would miss her. Pray for this dear little girl to trust Jesus who will take away her loneliness.

Jonlyn noticed a little boy at an orphanage who kept acting out and trying to get attention. He kept playing with her. Finally, as we were leaving, he came running out and threw his arms around her. All he wanted was a hug!

We have hugged an ocean of children who want hugs more than any other gift. They ached to be touched.

Anna, our French Puppet Director, has said many times that she is seeing things that she has never seen before. With the eyes of faith, she has seen how many children live in totally hopeless situations. Nothing in this world will ever be better for them. Her heart burns to tell them and others that Jesus alone is the true hope. Pray for her, as she returns to France, to be able to share her new vision with her brothers and sisters in France. She has asked that you pray for this understanding in her spirit to be a permanent understanding that gives her passion for Jesus.

Sam has been blessed by the village children, gypsies, and orphans smiling and laughing at our presentations. By God’s grace, the Lord is using our programs to bring hundreds of children joy. This is no small gift.

Let me finish with these thoughts. This is the most blessed trip to Slovakia that we have ever had. I am staggered by the outpouring of His spirit. Thank you for praying! Please keep praying! You are touching Slovakia for Jesus Christ!

In Jesus,

Linda for Hadia, Jonlyn, Anna, and Sam