Dearest Friends,


One year and 3 months ago, we shared in 4 puppet shows at a school and today we returned to that school. Amazingly, the children all remembered us. More, the teacher asked them what they remembered from last year. They said, “Jesus loves us.” These are Buddhist children and the seed of the Gospel is planted in their hearts.

We again shared there today in 4 shows for almost 800 children and teachers. We were not allowed to pray with the children, but we used the story of Peter and the miracles of Jesus, alone with our personal stories of faith so that every child heard how they could become a Christian. One teacher enjoyed the story of Peter walking on water so much that she asked for all of the pictures I drew so that she could hang them in her son’s room. Another teacher said that she was moved to tears as she listened. These wonderful things happened because you prayed. Keep praying! Sam was especially pleased to meet another Irishman, a man from Mayo who shared how he met his wife on a mission trip from Taiwan to the Philippines. He promised to pray for us as we continued in our ministry.



In the evening, we had our final training session with the team that we planted last year. Their joy was a sharp contrast to the opposition we faced all day. Many stayed for a full hour after we finished, anxious to learn all they could. One little girl, in very practiced English said, “Teacher, please show me how to do balloons.” Even the children wanted to learn how to share their faith.”

This should not have surprised us. We heard a story about a 10-year-old little boy in a closed East Asian country who loves Jesus. He attended a secret training seminar for children’s workers because he teachers 12-year olds. There is no one else and takes the responsibility very seriously. He asked if any of the adults could help him with ideas for getting his class to listen better. He said that they were very noisy. This little boy risks his freedom, maybe his life, so that other children will know Jesus. Do we have his courage? Do we have his concern? Do we have his love for Jesus Christ? Will you come with us? Will you send your children?


Pray for us as we travel to the south tomorrow and begin training a new team. Many street shows are planned, alone with programs in schools. Ask God to make us wise and full of love and patience.

We are enjoying “real” Chinese food including snake soup, turtle something (who knows what it was) and fried chicken feet. Come go with us!

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Brittany, David, and Jonlyn