Just a quick note too let you know (mainly to the parents of Brittany, Heather, Katie and Jeremy) that we have all arrrived well and in good shape, even though we are very tired.

Jeremy Snow, one of our original puppeters of 15 years ago, met us in Washington, DC. He got caught in traffic and in a very long security line and only made the flight by 15 minutes or so. We boarded the plane and actually never saw him until just before takeoff on the plane. We got quite concerned.

After landing in Dublin, we drove about two hours north to Murlough House in Keel Point, Dundrum, where we will be working for the next week. We unpacked the equipment, got personal things settled, took a much needed hot shower and then spoke in Sam’s home chruch near Belfast.

It is now 8:30PM on Sunday (430AM Eastern tiem). Most of us have been up since 4:00 AM on Saturday, or 24 hours, only got about two hours of sleep the night before.

We start a full day of shows in Caravan parks (RV campgrounds) tomorrom morning and working in the street areas of Newcastle in the afternoons.

Please pray for a good nights rest and strength for the team.

In Christ,

for Linda, Katie, Heather, Brittany and Jeremy