Dearest Friends,

Into the farming area

Last night we were in a very rural area beyond Newtonards next to a windwill. We were working with a group of people that had been having a holiday club during the week. The children were very excited that we had come, as this was not a place were people usually go to do a puppet show. One little boy came up to Linda afterwards and told her that he had asked Jesus to be his Savior. Awesome!

Caravan Park

He had our first experience yesterday, presenting a puppet show with children sitting on pool tables and surrounded by gambling machines. It was a very rainy day and the smell of stale cigarette smoke was so bad that Linda had to sit in the minibus until the show started, because it was affecting her asthma. At first it seemed that only one little boy was coming and be began to do the show for that one little boy. He was so excited that we would do the program, even if he was the only person there. Sometimes God asks you to just be faithful and then he pours out his blessings, many children followed the little boy to the puppets show.

Shankhill Road

During this week, we shared in two puppet shows in an area that you have heard about, as you listened to the news of "the troubles" over the past ten years. There is so much hate and anger in this place, that even very small children are drawn into their parent’s hatred.

In both of these programs, we felt a sense of God’s Holy Spirit, but we were disappointed that more of the children did not come. Please ask God to soften the hearts of the children and pray for patience for the workers as they work with the children in this very difficult place. Before we arrived, sixteen children had been sent home because of their behavior.

South to Tralee

This morning we are leaving Murlough House for a seven hour trip to the south. We will be traveling with the music group, "Reality", for the next eight days. Pray for us as we travel with a group of 19 people, sleep on the floors of church halls and many nights, wash in the bathroom sinks.

Tonight we will be in the streets of Tralee during their music festival. Please ask God to send us thousands of people who will stop and listen and hear Jesus!

In Jesus, Mike and Linda for Sam, Jeremy, Heather, Katie, and Brittany