Dearest Friends,

This is a very blessed trip. From the very begining, when we went to the airport, we saw God do something wonderful. We needed to purchase an extra suitcase to get all the equipment to Taiwan, but the man refused to take our money. I have never seen an airline do this. We shared with the man behind the counter about our work with the children and they gave us a free suitcase.

On the airplane I had a couple of opportunities to share Christ with people. A couple was going to China to adopt a little girl. For an hour the three of us stood at the back of the plane and talked about Jesus Christ. On the second part of our trip a steward came up to me and said that my face was full of peace. He said he had noticed me when we boarded the airplane, his comment gave me a wonderful opportunity to share about Jesus. When I started to leave the plane he stopped me and thanked me and promised to think about what we had talked about.

We know these opportunities happen because you are on your knees. Praise God!

For the next four days we will be in the mountains. This is an opportunity that we have prayed for over past three years. All of the schools are open to us and we expect to see God do great things. Please pray for open hearts and please pray for the weather. It is very cold here, most unusual for this time of year. Today we went and bought hats and warm socks.

Thank you for praying, don’t stop.

Love in Jesus,

Linda for Sam Shaw (Assistant Director), Heather, Mykayla, Hannah, Jonothan