Dearest Friends,

We are in India! Even to me these words sound unbelievable. I feel so amazed that God would give us this privilege


As we traveled, I had 2 very interesting conversations. In the Atlanta airport, I met a young man from Italy. Within minutes, we were talking about the difference between what a person experiences on the outside and the inside. He talked with me about what things are eternal. Nearby Rick , Nathan’s father stood and prayed with the team.

Appointments with strangers on a Plane

On the plane from Germany to India, I sat next to a man who was attending a big conference in Bangalore. Two million people were coming to hear a Guru named Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who teaches a course called the art of living. He teaces a false Gospel, taking the words of Jesus as his own. Many very educated people from all over the world follow this man and his deception is growing. We were surrounded by the people who were chanting and repeating mantras. As I shared Christ whith their friend, many became very unhappy.

Orignally from India, my friend had lived most of his adult life in Spain. Though born a Hindu, he believed in nothing until thoughts of suicide drove him to the promises of this false teacher.

He told me that he was desperate to find real peace and make his bad feelings go away. For more that 2 hours, we talked about sin, righteousness, light, darkness, the words of Jesus, everything. I have rarely seen a man who asked so many questions. Please pray that God will keep him from accepting anything at this conference. Ask God to call him to Himself.

The last day, he will go and see his brother who was a Hindu and 2 years ago trusted Christ. Pray that he will talk with him about what he is leaning as he reads his new Bible. I gave him mine and he was thrilled. He told me that he had never read the Bible and would be curious to know what Jesus said. This time I did not even get into the country before I gave my Bible away.

Two days of Blessings

1 Few people ever have the joy that God gave us today! We heard more that 100 Hindu children praying out loud, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Since they were students at a Christian school, we had the freedom to share. Awesome!

2 Sam juggled for a school assembly and shared how he met Jesus. Teresa sang and explained how the children could trust in Chrsit. We have 4 more of these 15 minute programs scheduled. Pray!

3 Each day, we are doing one or more puppet shows at the Asian Christian Academy’s school. Yesterday we heard children praying in soft whispers, trusting in Jesus. Pray for each of these shows.

4 The 3, 4 and 5 years olds at the Academy’s kindergarten loved the program. They clapped for everything and I mean everything! Most are Hindu and this was their first tiime to see puppets, see a Bible story drawn. They all left talking about Jesus.

5 We sat in the "House of Joy", an orphanage run by The Asian Christian Academy, and listened to the children singing "knowing you Jesus, there is no greater thing." These children were mostly abandoed by their Hindu families, but now they are discovering God as their Father. Two want to be Pastors, one a missionary, and some nurses. Pray for all of these children to grow up deeply in love with Jesus Christ.

6 Each night, we teach the Seminary students and they are so eager to learn. Their enthusiasm blesses all of us! Pray for us to be good teachers and give them the training that they need.

7 Forty little boys rushed up after the program to speak to me. They wanted to say, "Thank you Auntie for the story" and shake my hand. They were all Hindu children and some had prayed with us only minutes before.

8 Early in the morning, we met with some of the laborers on campus. They were so excited by the program, they asked us to come again tomorrow. Please pray!

We are wonderfully happy, blessed, and so grateful to Joy and Leila George for their invitation to return to India and work with them at the Asian Christian Academy.

Pray for us and be a part of God’s work with the children in India!

In Jesus,

Linda for Josh and Teresa Summer, Hadia Jackson, Nathan Light, Sam Shaw Asst. Director