Dearest Friends,

An Unbelievable Praise

We are seeing so many trust Christ in non-Christian places that we cannot count the numbers. Do we believe that every child who prays out loud truly trusts Jesus as his Savior? Of course not! However, since I was a 5 year old who truly came to saving faith, we know that some of these children have given their lives to Jesus! Pray for these little ones to grow strong! In each place we shared, we have worked with people who will continue working with the children and young people. Pray for them as they seek to finish the story with so many who live in terrible darkness.

Millions are growing up knowing nothing of God’s love or Jesus’ wonderful gift. In their world, God is not one, but many. Hinduism and Islam do not offer the peace, love and joy that is only found in knowing Jesus Christ.

Balloons, Beanie Babies, and Metal Cars

One of the most useful tools that we bring with us are cases of balloons that can be tied into animals, hats, and other delights. We use the balloons to tell Bible stories, share the plan of salvation, and talk about creation. More, when shaped into "flying mice," they become small gifts that bless many children. Our goal is always to leave as many bags as possible.

Last year, we equipped the summer ministry teams of the Asian Christian Academy with balloons. Our joy as many have given us reports about how they used these balloons is boundless. All stated that the things they learned in our child evangelism classes the previous year really made a big difference in their work! All are eager to try the new skills that they are learning now. As you have prayed and given, you are a part of this outreach. Praise God for these young people! Praise God for you!

Every place that we work needs so many balloons and pumps for their ongoing ministry. If you want to help with the purchase of these small things that have such a big impact for the Kingdom, please send us an email. We leave for South Africa on March 15th to share with Zulu children, French speaking Africans, Moslems so many South African children.

Also, the supply of beanie babies and small metal cars that many of you have given is completely gone. We brought so many with us to India that will be used as prizes for scripture memory and gifts of encouragement by our friends here. Thank you for your kindness! Thank you for equipping our brothers and sisters!

Many Languages & No Fear

So far, our programs have required us to translate into Tamil and Telegu. Some joke that India must be where the tower of Babel once stood as there are as many as 1700 languages and dialects in this country. Many of the people that we are working with speak at least 2 or 3 languages and some 4 or 5. These are very smart people with a fearless attitude toward telling people about Jesus Christ. I want to be as brave as they are in sharing my faith. In our friends, all of us see a spirit of self-sacrifice that we beg God to plant in our hearts. May we all see this world with His eyes!

5 Programs

Yesterday alone, we did 4 puppet shows and shared at a devotional time. These opportunities enabled us to share with children from kindergarten students to high school students and most were Hindu. More, we were blessed to have many lost adults at all of these shows.

At one show, the children gave us flowers to wear in our hair. Their kindness touches our hearts.

Often, we are asked to sit and visit with the principal and share a coffee or a cup of tea. All have asked us to come again.

At one program, we were mobbed by children wanting our autographs. This is very funny to us, since no one in America or Ireland ever asked. Also, the children are very grateful for the stories and songs and rush forward to shake our hands and say thank you. We are truly blessed!

Please stay on your knees!

In Jesus,
Auntie Linda for
Auntie Tersa
Auntie Hadia
Uncle Josh
Uncle Nathan
Juggling Uncle Sam
(our Indian Names)