Dearest Friends,

Tomorrow we are leaving for South Africa. Please hold us in your prayers.

South Africa is an enormous nation with great blessings and great problems. Children there are often very receptive to the Gospel, but many live very difficult lives. Tribal religions teach that if a man is sick, he can give his sickness away and cure himself. In other words, he must rape a virgin. Little girls are attacked as young as eight, and then the age dropped to two. Now new borns are attacked. It is a wonderful privilige to share with these children that when you have been forgiven, you can forgive anyone anything.

This time we will be working in a new area of South Africa with Zulu children, some French speaking congregations, and in schools in the Johannesburg and Durban areas. Please pray for us to be wise as we go into these new areas of ministry. Ask God to pour His Spirit on this effort. Nothing happens unless we pray. Please stay on your knees.

Love in Jesus,
Linda for the team
Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Anna McIllwaine – French Puppet Director
James and Lynne Grant – South African Puppet DIrectors
Hadia Jackson – Our Best Puppeteer