Dearest Friends,

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School Puppet Shows

NKOSI Aikelel Africa! This is Zulu for "God bless Africa." God is certainly blessing our time here. Today we were blessed to share at 3 schools, with more then 1,600 students and teachers. At the first school, the teachers were not very happy with our program. We asked and discovered that many of the teachers were not believers.

James and Lynne told the story at the second school. They did an awesome job! The school had many teachers who loved God and even felt different. So many children asked Jesus to be their Savior! Praise the Lord! Prys die Here! (Afrikaans)

Many children asked Jesus to be their Savior at the third show, but the best part of this story happened after the show. A little boy about 11 came up to me and said "Please ma’am. Can I help you?" Then he said that he had prayed with me and asked Jesus to be his Savior. His offer of help was how he said thank you. So many of the children came up and hugged us!

Even more amazing was the response of one of the teachers. She glared at me during the show and seemed very angry. Later she admitted she could not forgive people on her own and Mary told her about Jesus. When Mary saw her later in the office, she said she was happy and seemed to struggle to find words to explain how she felt. Finally, she turned to a fellow worker and said, "I forgive you now because you have always been ugly to me." Ask God to grow the faith of all of those who prayed at these 3 schools.


Last night we had a wonderful treat of skaapskinkel (lamb shank) when our friend David took us out for dinner. He also took us to Mandela Square and a market where I bought a pillow from Cameron. However, if you saw what I bought you would think it was a wooden stool. It did not look like a pillow to me. Please ask the Lord to encourage our friend David as his mother went to be with Jesus just 6 weeks ago. Only one and a half years ago, his father died. For years and years, David has been their primary caregiver, so this is a difficult time of loss and adjustment. He takes comfort in his parents’ faith├éhis faith.

The Congo

Many refugees from the Sudan live here and worship at the church that we shared at 4 times on Sunday in 2 English services, 1 French service, and an African, Indian, English Sunday School. Most have seen and experienced horrors that cannot be properly understood with mere words. They have seen their families and friends ripped from them by war, hunger, torture, and rape. Anna translated into French and as soon as they heard her speak, big smiles covered everyone’s faces. They cling fiercely to the hope that Jesus offers. He really is all they have.

Door of Hope

In Johannesburg alone, one baby is dumped every day. In plastic bags, in rubbish bins, in parks at hospitals and police stations and many more dangerous places, these little ones are abandoned. God in his mercy placed Door of Hope in this city to save their lives. Their goal is to rescue any abandoned, aborted, abused, and orphaned baby and provide a home for all these babies and children through adoption into forever families, mothers and fathers who love Jesus, locally and internationally.

Hadia held a little boy named Prayer in her arms and I held a little girl called Mother of all Nations. Sam asked the Lord to bless these children and give them all homes. One little boy always asks people to pray for him a family. He does not know that God has just provided him with parents! A little baby girl of 2 was brought to them who had been raped and was so hurt that she required a colostomy. Ask the Lord to watch over this place and these dear little ones. Their website is

6 Months

Six months ago today, Mike went home to be with Jesus. I can not stop thinking about how the world changed that day when the phone call came! For him, it was the best day of his life, but I will confess that it was not so easy for me. I miss him desperately, but I find my comfort in the faith we shared. I know that the Lord has a plan and each day I ask Jesus to help me. He is so faithful! I love Mike and feel so blessed to have been loved so wonderfully by him! Each day I thank Him for the work He gives us with the children of the world. Please continue to pray for our family and friends as we discover God’s plan for us without Mike. Please especially pray for our youngest son Matt and his wife Jill as they await the birth of their first son in late April. Ask God to give this little boy passion for Jesus from the time that he is small!

Please stay on your knees!
In Jesus, Linda for
Sam, Hadia, Anna, James and Lynne