Dearest friends,


Be blessed and challenged by the following stories that you read. These are some of the children, teenagers, and adults that we are praying for. Pray with us.


A sweet father came and asked us when we do our next show, He was waiting for us at 8:30 p.m. when we arrived. In Gods plan, his dear little girl did not have the clear mind that other children enjoy, but she loved the puppets.
It began to rain, but she did not care. She smiled, laughed, and clapped. Her father tried to shelter her with his coat. The rain came down harder. I noticed him from the stage and took him one of the bands umbrellas. He was so grateful.
This was the night that no one believed we would stand in the rain and share. Many told us that they stayed to hear what we thought was so important that even rain, wind, and cold would not make us leave. For this one child alone, her smiles and laughter, it was worth it all.
Who knows what she truly understood? I believe that one day we will stand in heaven and with a clear mind she will tell us about Jesus that she learned about in an Irish rainstorm. Pray for her!


John’s brother is a failed catholic priest. His own understanding of the scriptures is very confused. He thought that he had to have the sacraments to be forgiven.
Our friend explained that Jesus alone is sufficient for forgiveness and salvation. He wanted nothing to do with religion as he had seen it, but did not understand the difference in a relationship with Jesus. Please as God to give John understanding of his words.
The very mention of Jesus name startled him. It seemed to shock him.


Eric and Shane are two young men who have led very troubled lives. Eric was abused as a child, suffered the loss of his father and granny and was in prison 9 years. He had been in many street fights, had the scars to prove it and was sure that there was no way out for him.
On a rainy, cold night he heard about Jesus who always offers a way out, Jesus who gives up on no one. He heard it in the music, through the puppets, in the Bible story and the testimonies. Eric listened. Eric and Shane said, "We could not believe that you continued in the rain. We thought it must be special." Pray for them to come to true faith.


Paul’s pain made him stop on a busy street late at night and listen to the gospel. He could not get over his mother’s death and tried to drown his hurt with alcohol. Raymie prayed twice with him. Please pray for him to put his trust in Jesus who heals the broken-hearted.


Josephine is homeless, very small and in her thirties. She came to a street show and just wanted to talk. Though she had considered many other choices, all kinds of false faiths, she had found no peace. She had found nothing real. Please ask the Father to show her Jesus who is the only way.


An Italian couple was totally thrilled with what they have heard. They said that they had never heard what we were all sharing.
Reality, the Irish band that we work with, gives out free CDs of their music and it includes a testimony. They were so excited they said that they were going to copy it and give it to all of their friends.


An older gentleman and a man in his late thirties sat through 2 full programs of music, puppets, and Bible stories. They asked me questions and were genuinely interested in the answers. One asked if I would honour him with a drawing.


So many people are so hurt. A mother of 6 wonderful children, she was rejected by her husband. I encouraged her to see herself through her Fathers eyesÂa beautiful lady. Please hold hers in your prayers.


Keith is a rare young man in Ireland. He is really excited about Jesus Christ. He said to me that he did not want a piece of God, but all of Him. Broken by his father’s sin, he fell deeply in love with Jesus. Please ask God to make his will clear for Keith.


A sweet grandfather, very religious, brought his grandchild to a puppet show. He was very moved by what he heard and even travelled 30 minutes by car to come to a second show. In conversation with him, I asked, "Are you afraid to die?" He said, "Always. I am always afraid to die." I shared with him how trust in Jesus takes away this fear. Please pray that he comes to true faith.


Frustrated by yet another rainstorm Steven admitted that he was sitting in the equipment trailer unhappy, but God showed him his plan. Because he was over by the road, a man in a car stopped to talk to him. The man was the governing body of the town, the Council, and said that it was the best show that he had ever seen. He asked the band and Sam’s puppets to come to the town festival next July. 50,000 people attend! What an opportunity and Steven would not have been near the road to speak to the man if it had not rained. God is so good!


In Jesus, Linda for
Sam Shaw-Irish puppet director
Jade Rogers-Irish Team member
Heather Kelley
Jon Bova
Mykayla Kelley
Katie Humfleet
Hannah Sager