Dearest Friends,


Thank God for the many blessings that the Lord has given us in Ireland! RememberÂall of our shows on the street are done.

1. A little boy who came up to me after a show, looked up with big brown eyes and said, "That was the greatest story!" I had told him about Jesus.

2. A young man on the street professed his love for Jesus. He said he wanted to live sold out for God. So I said, "Then son, you need to think about what you want your legacy to be. How do you want to spend your life?" An incredible conversation followed.

3. A young divorced woman who talked for a long time to our friends at a show. She received encouragement and great council.

4. Jon Bova celebrated his 15th birthday in Ireland with cake, presence, and the opportunity to share Jesus with thousands and thousands of people

5. We are so blessed by all of the incredible sceneryÂgreen fields that do not end, castles, Galway Bay, sheep, and amazing mountains. Every wonder we see proclaims the glory of God!

6.The opportunity to climb a small part of Croagh Patrick. Tens of thousands of people climb this mountain every year, believing that they will receive forgiveness and help for their loved ones who have already died. The more devoted climb bare foot. This is a very popular site among Catholics here who do not understand that it’s not what we do that saves us, but who we know. Only Jesus gives forgiveness.

7. So many people watched our puppet shows and listened to the band from nearby windows and doorways. Others, drove past very slowly, trying to hear all they could. One family was listening to the story of Jesus calming the storm as they were stopped in traffic. I asked the children to scream like the people in the boat and the people in the car screamed too. They were so caught up in the story.

8. Some have great wealth and amazing treasures. So do I! I am blessed by the children we serve. A little girl begged, "Please can I have another story?" A little boy said, " You are the greatest story teller." A little girl asked "Can I have a piece (meaning a drawing) of the story to carry home?" When she received it, she was all smiles.

9. Sam and I have delighted in watching the joy! Some get so excited when they understand the story that they have heard is true. So many children hear the Bible stories and are amazed because they have never heard them before.

10. All of us are so blessed by the friendship and fellowship that Reality and the Puppet ministry enjoy. We laugh so much!

11. This was Heathers first time to lead a team and she has done an AWESOME job.


Please pray for these last two days in Dublin. Ask God to give us the right places to share. Ask Him to pour out his spirit.

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam Shaw-Irish team director
Jade Rogers-Irish Team Member
Heather Kelley
Mykayla Kelley
Jon Bova
Hannah Sager
Katie Humfleet