Dearest Friends,


At one school, the Director was very unhappy with us. She knew before we came that we would do a Christian program, but she was very displeased with what she saw. She complained loudly to Pastor Igor, but her real problem was that she had not expected her students to like the program so much. She could not speak to the children against us because they were having too much fun, so she left. The teachers were thrilled and compliment us on the wonderful job we did!
After the program, 3 teenage girls came up to me and said, "Clasna." This means "cool." Then, they all hugged me. Anytime teenagers are this excited about Jesus, it is awesome!
At the second school, the Director was delighted and gave us all candy bars as a thank you present. The teachers were amazed at how the children listened. They thought we were really good, but we knew it was only God’s Holy Spirit that caused all the children at both schools to listen. Praise God!


All of us were especially excited by the new team that we left behind in Donetsk. Their enthusiasm was a blessing to all of us. The youth leader of the church will lead the team and we all believe that they will do a great work. This is the same church that took up the offering for us on Sunday. They cannot believe that people they have never met would care so much for the children of Ukraine. That would be all of you. Thank you!

We have done 3 shows in different locations today, trained a team for 3 hours, and separated the equipment that we will leave. So, goodnight!
Tomorrow, we will travel to another city and begin again. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam Shaw & Assistant Director
Oksana Pyvovar & Ukrainian Puppet Director
Pastor Sasha Morgun
Sasha Pochapsky
Anna McIllwaine & French Puppet Director
Hannah Sager
Katie Humfleet