Dearest Friends,


One year ago today, Mike was killed. I wanted to spend today in a special way, something that had eternal value, something that would have made my husband smile. I loved his smile! So today, we told children, teeenagers and adults about Jesus at a shelter, 2 orphanages, and at a village street show. We were all smiling as we saw God’s Spirit move among the children and teenagers. Even some of the adults were touched. The Babushkas (older ladies) at one show were especially happy. Best of all, some trusted Jesus today! God was very good to us today, but the day was not without its battles.

Again, we were told that we could not pray in 2 places. Our program was shortened to 35 minutes by one Director from its normal hour length. At 2 places, young people mocked God by pretending to pray. However, they would not continue when we got to the place where they had to call on the name of Jesus.

My friends have gathered about me today and prayed for me. They have been so kind, doing so many small things to show their love. I received a bouquet of flowers, hugs, and abundant patience. I even had 2 quiet hours alone despite our 4 shows. Sam even arranged for me to call my family.

God has also been very good to me this year. I have been comforted each day by the Father and changed by His love. More, my heart is healing. I still cry… maybe I always will, but my pain does not keep me from seeing the needs of others. This is God working in my life because you pray.

It’s strange… I am struggling to find words. That is an odd place for a storyteller to be, but some things are just hard to say. How can I describe to you my joy, my pain, my hope, my fears, my peace? How can I thank you for all you’ve done? How can I put into words the blessing of 32 years of marriage?

These days, thoughts of heaven often fill my mind, but I am also consumed by a strong desire to be obedient, to be a blessing, to be light in the dark. Please continue to pray for me, my dear family and friends, as we walk this walk.

In Jesus,