Dearest Friends,

Passport Disaster

I wanted to share with you what happened in Frankfurt the day that I lost my passport. It seemed that I was living out the mother"s nightmare in the movie "Home Alone". I was very concerned about the young people going on without me and as the day progressed, somewhat frustrated by my inability to reach them sooner. The airline was no help and I did not even know where to start. What do you do when you are in another country and loose your passport? It was the German police that God sent to my rescue.

The police walked me through the entire process and even called the embassy for me. They wrote down the address and told me where to get a taxi, after arranging for temporary papers for me. They were very kind.

I arrived at the embassy and exited less than 1 and a half hours later witha newly printed passport. In between, I was befriended by a security guard who got me to the front of the line, a sweet lady at the passport desk, and an American serviceman and his wife. One of the things that really helped was a laminated copy of my passport that Mike made for me to carry. All the time, I was praying, asking God to redeem this big mistake and He showed me mercy.

The serviceman and his wife talked with me for most of the time that I was at the embassy. He even stood to give me his chair. I talked with them about what I did , sharing stories of the children that we serve. When they found out that I was a children’s Bible teacher, they told me that they really liked the Bible name Jonah, but did not like the part of the story where he caused the death of everyone on the ship. I smiled and told them that was not how the story ended. Then I asked if they would like to hear the real story. I received an enthuiastic "Yes". They listened to that story and then asked if I knew anything about Caleb’s story. It was an amazing time and I am very grateful for their kindness and their questions.

I returned to the airport and arrived around midnight in Kosice. I was one of 4 passengers on the whole plane and the only one with checked luggage. I had 14 pieces, more weight than all the passengers on the plane. The Slovak customs officals began to ask many questions and I was sure that I would have to pay alot of money. Again, God intervened and they allowed my friend Bevan to come back into customs to help me explain. We left the airport with all the luggage and no charges. Praise God!

Theater Performance

Some Lutheran brothers and sisters with great vision, rented a theater and invited everyone to come for a fun afternoon featuring clowns, a Christian band, dramas, and The Agape Puppets. Many people in the crowd were not believers and did not normally attend church. One lady came whose husband had left her. Before, she did not believe in God, but now she showed a growing hunger for the Gospel. Her little son is very close to praying to receive Jesus. The place was full and the afternoon was incredible. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit moving among the crowd.

Our friends are very creative. They wrote this very funny story about how we all arrived in a minature airplane and then shot us with a ray gun to return us to our normal size.

The lights in the place changed colors and flashed. As the theater went dark for a few seconds, 4 of us went out and knelt. As the lights came back on, we began to grow proving the success of the clown’s ray gun. Okay, it took Sam and Jon both to get me off the floor, but all went well. The children laughed and laughed. It is a wonderful thing for children to enjoy a Christian program. They left with a sweet taste for the Gospel, both the parents and the children.

Prayer Requests

1. Mykayla has a stomach bug and needs your prayers for a speedy recovery
2.Tomorrow we are going to a Gypsy village. Please ask the Father to pour His spirit on these 2 shows.

In Jesus, Linda for All of Us