Dearest Friends,

Sharon’s Story

Sharon is a beautiful 23 year old girl, who came to Jesus some months ago. She followed her Lord in baptism, which is a very public statement of faith in India. She has a beautiful smile! We met her yesterday at the first church we visited.

Her father is a Hindu and despises the idea of his daughter becoming a Christian. First, he stopped her education. She was a very good student and loved school, but refused to deny Jesus.

He tried many things to make her stop attending church. Her father threatened to marry her to a Hindu and she refused. To stand against your fathers wishes on the matter of marriage is un-thought of in this culture. Her father hit her. He locked her in a storeroom without food for a week. Still, she loves Jesus.

One night, he even tried to hit the Pastors wife, cursing her when she was alone with the children. He has given the Pastor a 2 month deadline to make his daughter stop attending church. The Pastor has refused to forbid Sharon. By the way, she had a Hindu name, but it is the custom to take a Christian name when you believe.

One month has passed on this deadline. You must pray! Pastor Pili told us that he is prepared to face more persecution (he has already had many problems). However he is very concerned for his wife and two little girls and Sharon.

It is our honor to work with many people who are persecuted for their faith on a daily basis. It is your honor to pray for them. Do not fail your brothers and sisters!

The Sweetest Sound

There is no better sound to our ears than the voices of children calling on Jesus. Today, one of our schools was a Christian school and we had the freedom to invite the children to pray to receive Christ. So many children prayed!

Most children who attend the Christian school are Hindu, so this is an amazing opportunity for Hindu children to hear Jesus.


It is wonderful to work as a team. This morning, most of my chalk was accidentally left at home. When we arrived at the first Hindu school, we discovered our mistake.

I would love to tell you that I had no problem, but that would be a lie. I focused on the problem instead of the One who could solve any problem. Yes, I was very sore from my fall yesterday and distracted. However, it was Sam, Anna and Jeremy who very sweetly reminded me that it is not the tools we rely on, but the Father. I thank the Lord for their faithfulness, because I was quickly able to refocus and obey the Father.

Hundreds of Hindu children heard a very clear presentation of the Gospel. The headmaster invited us to come for a third year in a row. His last words to us were, "You are always welcome". Praise God!


Many of you know that Sam Shaw is the Assistant Director of The Agape Puppets since Mike’s death. Someday, he will take my place. He also heads a team in Northern Ireland, Godshandiwork.

However, did you know that he is a great juggler? He has learned to juggle many things, but he is at his best with knives.

Today, 1200 Hindu boys listened with intensity to Sam’s testimony as he juggled knives. Years ago, when Sam told Mike and me that he wanted knives, we thought it was a terrible idea and would not buy them. We were sure that he would maim himself.

Though the skill was not acquired without much practice and some difficulty (no maiming was involved), it was well worth the effort. Those boys today did not listen as well to the Bible story, but the still heard about Jesus Christ because Sam could juggle knives.

Prayer Request

We have only 3 days of shows left in India, pray that we would finish well, that the Lord would pour out His Spirit on these last three days of ministry.

In Jesus,

Linda for

Anna McIlwaine
Sam Shaw
Jeremy Snow
Hanson Manova