Dearest Friends,

Too Much

Sometimes, all we see really is too much. We have spent the last 2 weeks with friends who call a sewer a home, an ocean of orphans, children who have been physically and sexually abused, little 11 year old boys in prison, the deaf, the crippled, the homeless. We have visited children who will spend their lives staring at a ceiling, wrapped in a rag that passes for a diaper and tried to comfort a blind child whose head was as big as a basketball.

Their pain and great need for Jesus is too much for me to describe to you. My words cannot enable you to smell what they smell everyday or enable you to feel their hunger. Still, it is not these great tragedies that cause me to cry as I write these words to you.

As terrible as all of these situations are, they are not the cause of my heartbreak. I want to see these precious ones reached with the hope of the Gospel. I want these dear children to put their trust in Christ. We want in some small way to be a part in helping them hear about Jesus.

So, why am I crying? We have a problem. The people that we have trained are wonderful. They have our same vision and will reach all of these children with Jesus Love. However, once again, we face a conflict between adults, the kind of problem that results when some love rules and playing politics in Gods house. The enormous need of these children to hear Jesus in a way they can understand must supercede such petty concerns.

Please pray for God to solve the necessary problems so that we can place the equipment where it needs to be placed with as little conflict as possible. We will give it to the people who want to uise it to reach these dear ones.

Also pray for God to give Sam and I patience. Ask the Lord to make us very wise. We see the children and their needs and struggle as we deal with some adults and their concerns. The truth is that it is easy to serve these children, but pray for our patience in other matters.

In Jesus,

Linda and Sam