Dearest Friends,

We are on our way to Ireland today to do street work throughout Ireland. We will be traveling with an Irish band named Reality who are long time friends to both Mike and I. They have real passion for Jesus. By God’s grace, we see huge crowds of a 100 people, up to 600 people in one place, gathering in the streets of Euorpe to hear the Gospel. This is an impossible thing that happens each year because many fall on their knees and pray for Ireland. PRAY!!!! Please pray especially for Stephen who leads the band. Ask the Father to give him extra strength and wisdom.

We will also do a series of shows with children who live in a very difficult place in Belfast. The "troubles" may be officially over, but many children are still living with a legacy of hate. Please pray that we can show them what real love looks like. Please pray for our Irish Puppet Director Sam Shaw and his dear wife Slyvana, as much of the burden of our care falls on them.

Please especially pray for an easy time at the airport. Pray that they will not loose our bags.

In JEsus,Linda for the team