Dearest Friends,

We have so much to thank God for! After I returned home from Moldova, I received an e-mail from our pastor friend, Alexandru, that we worked with there. This is the message that he sent me:

"I have a testimony you will enjoy hearing: in the village of Stolniceni, the village where Victor and Nelly are planting the church, the music teacher at the school is teaching the kids the songs that he heard on our shows with you. so the kids at school are singing Puppet Show Songs at their music lessons!"

I had the pleasure of speaking at Midway’s mission conference in Powder Springs. We had a wonderful response to what God is doing with children around the world and more than thirty people signed up to receive our newsletter that weekend. This made us very excited because it means that we will have more people praying and we will see God do bigger things. Best of all, more than thirty children told us that they had prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.

The other day I drove to Alabama at four o’clock in the morning so that we could share Christ at a chapel program in a Christian school. The children were very attentive to the program, but the real story happened around 6:30 that morning when we were lost and stopped at a gas station to ask directions. We met a dear lady who began to pour out her heart to me, sharing a very deep hurt and I was able to talk with her for a very long time about how Jesus could take care of her problems. Since she was grieving the loss of someone she loved, I shared Mike’s testimony with her. Only the Father knew to put us in that place at that time.

I’ve had many conversations in the past week as I was shopping for something I needed for the house. One man told me that his legacy was his family’s farm. The man was a Christian, and so I asked him what was his eternal legacy. What had he done for Jesus that would stand the test of time? He told me that he had honestly not considered this question. We had a very sweet time sharing together about the importance of making our lives count for Jesus Christ. I shared with him something that I had said while speaking at a church the other day. I said, "we live for the Cross, we die for the Cross. Nothing else matters." I encouraged him to seriously examine his eternal legacy.

With God all things are possible, but often we don’t bother to ask God to do the impossible. All of us know that we can not share Christ in public schools, but a dear friend of mine believed that God wanted us to share at a public school. We all prayed and God answered our prayer as we did a puppet show for the school’s fall festival. Imagine standing on ground that satan believes that he holds and proclaiming to the children that Jesus is the Son of God. We told them how they could pray and put their trust in Jesus Christ. Awesome!


I am blessed to announce the birth of my granddaughter, Evangeline Michelle Summer, born Tuesday evening, October 23rd. She was almost 21 inches long and weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Proud parents Josh and Teresa are both well and would appreciate your prayers for their new family. Please ask the Lord to call Evangeline to faith as a very young child. Please ask God to bless her with a heart that loves Jesus. Also, please pray for Josh and Teresa for all the adjustments that are coming over the next few weeks.

In Jesus,