Dearest Friends,

We Are In Hungary!
God answered all of our prayers concerning our travel here. Not in a very long time has all of our luggage (filled with the puppet equipment) actually arrived with us. Nothing was missing! Praise God! Our stage was broken, but Sam was able to repair it. God is so good to us!
Today was spent in sorting equipment and solving a dozen small problems that had to be solved before we begin our programs tomorrow. We are still concerned about the music that we are using for the puppets. Since this is our first trip to Hungary, we have no knowledge of their culture and want to make the best choices for the children. Our friends here are wonderfully helpful, but there remains the problem of good Christian music being available. This is often a problem for us and we would appreciate your prayers. We need wisdom to make the best choices.


For years ,I have been praying for an opportunity to work in Serbia. God has answered my prayers! On Saturday, we will cross the border and go to the village of Moravica. We will be working with children at a Bible Club that our friends here at Word of Life started about 2 years ago. The mayor is very excited about the work that he has seen the Christians doing there and really supports their work. Many of the children are from broken homes and are very open to hear about God.

The children are poor and especially enjoy the sweets that the team brings; even a small candy is a big treat. They come for the treats, but they receive so much more. When the team had a problem at the border at Christmas time and told the children, many volunteered to pray for their return trip. They are learning that they can depend on God to solve their problems.

Please pray for Sam’s wife Silvana to be able to get a visa tomorrow in Budapest. She is still traveling on her Brazilian passport and cannot come with us unless she gets a visa. This is not possible in a single hour, which is about all we have. Again, we ask you to pray, as all things are possible with God.


This is a city about 3 hours from here and we going there tomorrow on Friday. Please pray for our time there as this will be our only opportunity to share with these children. Please also pray for our journey as some roads are not the best and we will be on these roads for over 6 hours.


On Monday, we will begin teaching 50 young people how to do puppets, storytelling, balloons, and juggling. The students are from 11 countries, so please pray that we will be able to teach things in a way that everyone can understand.

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam Shaw-Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager
Billy Salinas