Dearest Friends,

We are in India! Even though I have been here on three previous trips, I am amazed that God would give us this great privilege. It is a special delight to be able to share the hope of the Gospel with children who have grown up worshiping many different false gods. From the very beginning of our trip, God began to bless us; Lufthansa airline was very kind to us and enabled us to bring 10, 70 lb bags of equipment with only a minimal charge. When we arrived at the airport there staff greeted me and asked me what country we were going to this time. There interest gave me many opportunities to share with them what God is doing in the lives of children around the world.

Thank you for praying for our luggage to arrive safely with no problems. This was the first time that I have ever come to India, and had none of my bags opened by customs. When we began to unpack, we were all amazed at how much equipment we would be able to give to our Indian brothers and sisters. Praise God!

God has given me a wonderful team, Sam Shaw our assistant director and his wife Silvana, our especially gifted in sharing Christ with children. Will and Alli Jackson both took trips with me when they were much younger and it is a special delight to have their company. Please pray for us to work well together and to get over our jet lag. Despite everyone’s exhaustion we have sorted the equipment, Will has built an easel today and Alli, Silvana and I overcame our jet lag for 3 hours, just long enough to get a prodigious amount of Indian clothes.

Please pray for a show in the village tomorrow afternoon, please ask God to call many people to faith.

Love in Jesus,

Linda for
Sam Shaw & Assistant director
Silvana Simioni Shaw
William Oliver Jackson
Allison Claire Jackson