The Motto of Cameroon is Paix Travail Patrie

Dearest Friends,

Friday April 14th

We are in Cameroon! I can hardly believe it. I sat in my bed tonight rejoicing and reading my Bible: "This is the message to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all." 1 John 1: 1. Our hearts desire is to proclaim to the children of Cameroon His life, His Light and His hope. Please pray for us to be wise and kind. Ask the Lord to call many to Himself.

Already, we have felt his favor and His kindness. Imagine arriving in customs with 8 suitcases, four large plastic tubs and ten carry on’s. Consider that the biggest problem here is corruption and yet, we charged nothing and allowed to pass through customs with no problems. Praise God!

As we drove four hours from the airport, to reach Yaounde where we will begin our ministry on Saturday, we were stopped more than a dozen times by police. Every time our friend explained that we were missionaries and they let us pass. Usually, telling people that we are missionaries would get us in trouble. Last year, when we were in *************** we could have gone to jail, but here such knowledge kept us from a dozen searches.

Saturday, April 5th

Today we did two puppet shows, one outside on the street and the other in a church that was open on one side. The children are wonderful. Most have never seen many of the things that we brought with us. They are amazed and we are wonderfully blessed. A small little girl came up to me today and softly said, "You did very good on that story." They laugh with Sam, loved Heather’s puppets, and smiled with Silvana. When the children heard how Jesus calmed the storm everyone clapped. We love Africa!

Sunday April 6th
Relationships are very important in the Church in Africa, We visited six different churches inviting them and their children to come to the puppet shows, that we will be doing on Monday and Tuesday. We visited a Catholic church where the Prime Minister of the country was in attendance. We told them that we would tell their children about Gods love and how they could know Jesus. What an amazing opportunity.

Blessings & Funny things

1. Saturday evening, after the puppet shows, children workers from 7 churches gathered for training. Some of those attending had traveled 90 km. It was not an easy trip.
2. A Muslim man, was carrying cows feet and cows tails in a large basket, but he stopped to hear the Bible story. When would he come into a church!
3. Some of the teachers were amazed at the childrens response. No one had to tell them to be quiet, though traditionally children in Cameroon are very respectful.
4. We are doing programs in English and French. It is such a blessing to have Anna, our French director here to translate for us.
5. Our friends Silas and Mary Nfor are the biggest blessings. They take such wonderful care of us and love Jesus so much.
6. We have rented a van and hired a driver. Inside the van, near the top of the ceiling, he had painted all the rules. They were, "No smoking No Vomiting, No Discussion with the driver" It is always good to know the rules.
7. Someone asked Anna today if she wanted to get married and stay in Cameroon. Anna is young and pretty, but I am old and white header. They also asked about me. This was really funny!

Please hold is in your prayers!

In Jesus,

Linda for

Sam Assistant Director
Anna French Director