Cameroon and Home.

Dearest Friends,

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday night, we leave for home. We will actually begin our journey early in the day as we have a four-hour drive to the airport with many checkpoints. As I write you these words, we have just finished our last show in Africa. Yesterday and today, we saw so many children trust in Jesus! Praise God!

More, we feel very good about our new team. The 3 main members, Silas, Humphrey, and Mary have traveled with us all over the country. Much training has happened as we traveled. Please pray for these dear friends. They hope to do their first show within the next month.

Please pray for Cameroon. A day to mourn the death of democracy was called for today. However, so far, no one has responded. People are concerned about riots. Please pray for peace, not just for today, but keep praying for all the brothers and sisters you have here. These dear children and friends need our continued prayer support.

Customs here can sometimes be difficult. Just pray as we go to the airport. Please cover the new team and us with your prayers! Rejoice in all the Father has done in Cameroon!!!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam Shaw
Silvana Shaw
Anna McIlwaine
Heather Kelley