Last night, after we finished the program, a young man named Paul came to speak to me. He told me that he was an atheist and that he had learnt that from his father. He questioned everything about God, his word, even his very existence. He had a lot of questions, but most of them were aimed at distracting himself from the most important question. Desperately, Paul tried to avoid any discussion about his own sin and his need for Jesus.

Please pray for Paul. Last night, before he left, he promised to do two things and I believe he will keep his promises. First, he promised that he would read the Bible. We gave him an easy to read translation that he was very excited about. It was one that we had brought home from Cameroon, Africa and was cartoon illustrated. He loved it and was very surprised that we would give it to him. He had read that books of many other faiths, but he had dismissed God without even looking at His book.

His second promise is the one that excites me the most. He promised to go home last night and get down on his knees. He promised to tell God, "God I don’t believe you exist, but if you are real, show me." I promised him that God would absolutely prove His existence to him. His name is Paul and I expect to receive an e-mail from him telling me of the amazing way God has revealed Himself.


Today we will be sharing in two churches but I confess to you that my favorite place to be is the streets. I love being with all the people that will not come inside the church buildings, hearing their questions, and seeing God moving in their lives. The following lists of stories are all from yesterday and last night.

1) We arrived at the place yesterday where we planned to share and found a large crowd of Muslims. They had set up a table and were passing out literature, trying to persuade people that Islam was a good choice for their lives. All of the men in the group even had matching t-shirts proclaiming the goodness of Islam. Several of our friends had incredible conversations with different members of their group. More, all of these Muslims listened for two hours to the Gospel presented through song, testimonies, puppets, and Bible stories. They would have never chosen to come to church and hear this message, but God placed them on the street where they had to listen to the hope of Jesus.

2) Silvana had an opportunity to share with three different people from Brazil. One of them stayed for every show that we did, and all three talked with her about really serious problems they had that only Jesus could solve. Please pray for them as none of them are Christians.

3) One young man from the Sudan was very excited as he listened to Sabina as she presented the Gospel to a group of Muslims.

4) Two people who claimed the Bahi faith also heard about how Jesus could meet all their needs.

5) A young man from China came to both sets of shows yesterday and was very happy to receive a CD from the band. He has been living in Ireland for three years studying to be a priest, but he does not believe in the existence of sin. Please ask God to show him the reality of his sin so that he can see his need for Jesus Christ.

6) A homeless man named John came to the programs. For sixteen years, he has been living on the streets. He was badly hurt as a child and his heart never mended because he never met Jesus. Please pray for John to trust in Jesus so that his broken heart can be filled with love and forgiveness

These are only a few of the stories that we heard yesterday. It seemed the whole world showed up on the streets of Ireland. Please hold all these people in your prayers.

In Jesus, Linda for

Sam & Silvana Shaw
Yeva Zarova
Sabina Kasperczyk
Sam Rodgers
Jade Rodgers
Toby Simmons
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