Dearest Friends,


Please hold us in your prayers as we begin our trip to Monrovia, Liberia today. This country has had 10 years of civil war and all the horrors that normally accompany such a time have been experienced by the children there. Many have been terribly hurt and many adults are far from well. Please pray for the Father to heal the hearts of all those who hurt. Please ask Him to call many to faith in Jesus. Please pray for our equipment to arrive safely and for our personal safety. Liberia is known for having trouble with government corruption. Our passage through customs is a big concern!

Please pray for us today as we go to the airport and ask God to make us a bright light for Him. We are flying an airline that we have never flown and are very concerned about all of the bags. The need is so great in Liberia and we have 12 large bags plus all of the carry-ons. We are carrying Sunday School material for 39 teachers, books for a pastor, supplies for our friends there, and an enormous pile of puppet equipment. Please ask God to send us someone who will be kind to us and helpful. Whatever happens, we will thank Him and respond with His love.

This is not an easy place to live, as most people have no running water and no electricity. Imagine your life without running water and electricity! More, it is an extremely expensive place to travel to and work in because few people travel there.

We need your help. We would be very grateful if you could help with this trip by sending a check to The Agape Puppets at 6550 West Armuchee Road Summerville, GA 30347. Please pray about this need first and know that it is my heart’s desire that you only respond if the Lord is speaking to you. Thank you for praying about this need and thank you for praying for us.

Please hold the children of Liberia daily in your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda Summer for Sam and Silvana Shaw and Calah Sager