Dearest Friends,

I have been truly overwhelmed by the kindness that so many of you have shown me since I sent my last letter. I truly feel the comfort of your prayers and I have been so encouraged by your many emails. Thank you for showing my family and I such amazing love!

Tomorrow, Monday, is the day for the surgery. As always, I ask you to always remember first in your prayers the children of the world and their great need for Jesus. Please ask the Father to make me a sweet witness to His love during my hospital stay. Please pray for the Father’s will and peace concerning my health.

In the last 2 weeks, we have had some incredible ministry opportunities. At 3 programs last weekend, more than 150 children told us that they had trusted Jesus. Praise God! I have also had many opportunities this week to share with doctors and nurses as I went for pre
testing. More, I have had a house full of dear friends helping me get ready for this time. Some brought with them new friends and I had a very sweet time sharing with one young woman as she helped me sort out my house. God is so good!

Report From Liberia

What follows is the report that I just received from our new team in Liberia. Please read it, pray, and be blessed! I have printed it as I received it. It is wonderful!

"November 1, 2008 was a very historic day. It was the day when we did our first presentation. It was held in the community of Kpanay Town at the hour of 4:00PM in the city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. At about 4:00PM lots of kids and adults have arrived at the site of the show. We have the show at my house since we do not have vehicle to move the equipment. We were five persons on this team. Three persons set up the puppet stage and the table, Pas. Malachi set up the drawing board while I set up the sound system. The puppets sang their first song in the Bassa dialect after we have done our set up and introduction. The first song talked about the story of the healing at the Pool of Bethesda in the book of John 5. The kids were very excited as some sang along with the puppets. I could see some adults who came around dancing the song. I could see others stopped who were passing through. This is an effective means of evangelism.

The puppets did their second song which explained about the story of Jonah. My message was on the story Jonah. Again one could see the joy and excitement in the kids as well as the few adults who came. They rejoice in the mix of their problems.

After the second song, I came out with the Bible story, the story of Jonah. I told them of God’s love and his judgment when we try to run away from obeying his word. I told them how God can forgive us as he forgave the people of Ninivah if we repent of our sin. After the message, I asked that those who wanted to receive Christ to pay the sinner’s prayer. Lots of the kids as well as adults prayed out loud to receive Christ. Their names were recorded after the show for follow-up.

Then the puppets came up on stage again to do their third song which was entitled "Lord, have mercy on us". This song narrates the story of the Children of Israel in slavery and asking God for mercy; How God led them from Egypt to the promise land. This was also done in Bassa dialect.

The puppets did their last song after the message. The song talks about the story of Esther how God used her to deliver the Jews. After the song, the team members who were very excited of what they have done came and introduced themselves. We have our closing prayer and decided to record the names of those who made decision.

Kindly pray with us for support of this puppet ministry. We are planning to visit some local churches and communities in the City of Buchanan. We even desire to do a follow-up to all those places where the team which came with Linda went. We need a vehicle, funding to purchase gas for vehicle and generator to recharge our speaker.
Many thanks for your support and prayers.

BEN MUNFORD-Director of The Agape Puppets Liberia

Thank you again for your prayers!

In Jesus,Linda