Dearest Friends,


The best part of the ministry that the Father has given us is how He works in the lives of each new team after we go home. The work with the children continues. Last week ,I included part of a terrific report from Liberia in my email. This week, I am including a section of the wonderful report that I received from Cameroon. Praise God!

This is what Silas, our team leader wrote:

"We had in total 7 puppet shows and there is no doubt that we are improving. In the first puppet show which was on Christmas day, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel with over 80 kids.
I told the story of creation, the fall of man, and God’s plan to rescue man. Jesus Christ was willing. How lovely. The children left all touched and satisfied.
Due to our lack of transportation, we turned down the distant places and concentrated just around Yaoundé. Please pray and thank God for Stephen, a taxi driver who offered his services to transport us around. When we got to one police check point, the police thought we smuggled our daughters Humble and Shelter for they were at the boot of the car. They later understood that we were from a church before they let us go.
On New Year’s Eve, we went to three churches and on New Year’s day ,we went to three others. We had one message which was that Jesus did it all for you. Your part is to accept Him and keep focused. You can lie to all but you will not lie to yourself and God. I told the children.
Bright and Praise, our children, did join us for Christmas and New Year. God provided a way for them to come from school which was far away. The whole puppet team was really strong and skillful. Humphrey, our partner, is doing so well and he is quite a blessing. Thank the Lord Almighty that you chose him to be part of us.
We were invited at about 11:35pm to a crusade of over a thousand or more and the crowd was really touched by the message of the puppets. This was an interdenominational crusade. One can say we are growing. "

Our friend Humphrey wrote a second report with a few more details. Read it and thank God! :

People were so excited at the show we did and ask us to come again. The third show was at a stadium where people were praying. Pastors and an evangelist from Nigeria were present and watched the puppets singing with keen interest. We shared from Ephesians. At the end many people gave their lives to Christ and we prayed till morning. We thank God that we successfully had shows during this festive period.To God be the glory.

PRAYER REQUESTS for this team include a request for more open doors. Also, they have a real need for transport so that they can travel to distant places. Please pray for these dear brothers and sisters.

We leave this Thursday for Romania and beg you to go ahead of us with your prayers. This is our first time to work in this country. I am excited to see what the Lord will do!

In Jesus, Linda

They asked for prayer for the Good Lord to give them open doors and people with the heart forof ministry to join us
4. Financial support for transportation why not a little bigger car.
5.That the message will have an impact on the lives and above all that God’s name will be glorified. May you be blessed this year. love you all Silas.