Dearest Friends,

In our last two days, we have had the most incredible time with so many children. We have seen God do more than we could ask or imagine. Rejoice with us as you read the following.

1. At an orphanage, a man who was on staff came and profusely thanked us for the show. He bowed to me and kissed my hand. By his own testimony, he was not a Christian, believing that his good works would save him. It was so sweet to see how he was drawn to the Gospel.
2. Out of all the shows we did, most of them in public schools, only yesterday did one group of teachers fail to thank us and ask us to come again. Many doors are open for our new team.
3. Last night, our last program was at an orphanage for special needs teenagers. They had very slight problems, but had not received an education that would challenge them to do more. They loved the program. From the way they thanked me after the show, along with their changed faces, I know some truly heard about Jesus and understood.
4. At a village school, the principal did not want us to come. We had 3 shows scheduled there, but expected her to cancel after the first one. She was not a believer and we knew that she would object to the truth that faith in Jesus alone was enough for salvation. Dan was very wise and asked her to let us do 1 big show instead of 3 small ones. She agreed. While the other objecting teachers left the room to talk with her, we finished the program. The children heard all about how they could trust in Jesus.
5. Teachers at another school had been openly opposed to Christians in the past. However, after we shared the program today, God touched their spirit. They said that their hearts were broken by what they had heard. How is it possible that the Father could use a children’s Bible story, simple testimonies, and puppets in such a way? Truly, such wonders are possible because so many of you faithfully pray.
6. At one orphanage, a principal and an Orthodox priest were very unhappy with our presence. Both people would be quick to tell you they are very religious. However, as soon as we mention the name of Jesus, they stop smiling. Their religion teaches them that they can be good enough to get themselves to God. I am so sad for them. How awful to live with such frustration! I beg you to pray for them to discover the truth of God’s word, that faith in Jesus alone is enough.


Today was our last day of ministry in Romania. Through God’s strength, we were blessed as we did 34 puppet presentations and taught 16 hours of class! Praise God! More, the school was very supportive of the idea of starting a puppet ministry. Since they are a small school, they were able to transport all of the students to every show that we did for four days. This enabled them to practice the skills that they had learned. More, the school really made this project a priority and we spent many extra hours with them practicing skills. We firmly believe that the Romanian team here at the Word of Life Bible Institute will be very successful at reaching their children for Jesus. We are eternally grateful to our friends here for an amazing trip.

We are especially grateful for our translator, Dan, who did a fantastic job. More, he drove for us, did some puppets, and organized the schedule! He wants very much to do street ministry in Pitesti in the spring, but will need permission from the police. He expects that based on their past decisions, they will deny his request. This is his hearts desire. Will you please pray for this opportunity?

Also, will you please pray for us as we leave for the airport very late tonight, Friday? We will arrive home on Saturday. Thank you for your faithful prayers for the children of Romania! Thank you for your faithful prayers for all of us. At least 2 of us have bronchitis, and we are all exhausted, but through your prayers, God has given us amazing strength. Thank you!

In Jesus,
Linda for

Sam Shaw- Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager
Toby Simmons
Naomi Armstrong