Dearest Friends,


Two little girls named Anya came to a puppet show at the school. These girls attended a near-by school. They both walked all the way back from their school and climbed 5 stories just to say thank you. Their visit gave me the sweetest opportunity to talk with them about Jesus and challenge them to ask Jesus to be their Savior. They were so receptive. Please pray for these 2 little girls to trust in Jesus.

They really loved my pictures. I encouraged them to trust in Jesus and told them that they could grow up to tell children all over ****** stories about Jesus. I hope they are future missionaries to children.


Some of the children from one of the schools arrived early, so I spent the time with them practicing their English. When a little boy told me his name was Daniel, I asked him if he had ever heard about the famous story of Daniel. He said no and so I told him the story. All of the other children were listening too. It was wonderful! They were 8, 9 and 10 years old, but knew nothing about the Bible. They were all very interested and loved the story. I told them where they could read more stories about Daniel and his friends. When I explained that all of these stories were true, they were amazed. Please pray that God grows this desire in their hearts. Please ask the Father to give them hunger for His word.


A little girl of 12 came to see me after the program. She had wonderful English because she had studied for a year in London. She told me that she knew about Jesus and how He died on the cross. Ironically, she pronounced His name as “Justice.” I asked her if she knew the rest of the story. She thought that it ended on the cross. She was shocked when I explained that Jesus rose from the dead. Can you imagine thinking that the story finished without hope, without victory?

Her favorite thing to do is to read books. I asked her if she knew the name of the best selling book in the world. When I told her that it was the Bible, she was very surprised. I explained to her that the Bible was different from other books. It was alive and she could expect it to change her as she read it. We finished our conversation with her promising to read the book of John. Please pray for her to keep her promise.


We are having many sweet conversations with different teachers. Some are grateful that we came, but most are offended by the name of Jesus. Many of those who are offended would claim a church affiliation, but do not really love God. They make terrible faces at me as I tell the story. The other day two teachers were overheard in a conversation with each other. They both said that the program was terrific, but questioned why we had to mention Jesus.

Still, some are listening. When I stopped a teacher today in the hall and told her that I had remembered to pray about a problem that she had shared with me, she was very grateful.

The teachers and the students have little or no knowledge about Jesus. As soon as I explained to the children that the great teacher in the story was Jesus, two little boys began to argue. One said, “It is the story of Jesus whose birthday we celebrate.” The other boy said, “No, it is the story of Jesus who rose from the dead.” Pray for these little boys and all of the teachers to meet Jesus Christ, to know Him!


I had a lovely visit with the librarian today. She gave me ******* fairy tale books and information on ******* history. Ok, it is all in *******, but the pictures are great!

Our pastor friend went home and got her a Bible. She protested that it was too expensive and was amazed at Edward’s generosity. Best of all, she promised to read it. Please pray for this dear lady to personally meet the Lord Jesus!


We have spent the last 2 days doing shows for a variety of schools. Some of the children were sons and daughters of this city’s wealthy and attended a private school. One girl told us that she flies to America 3 times a year. Still, most listened with real interest. The other children were from public schools and poor, but rich with gratitude. Often it is easier for these children to see their need because they are not distracted by their riches.

Today, one boy from the private schools spent the entire program heckling me. He was very rude and arrogant. A little girl in his class who loved the story of Jesus that she heard told me not to worry about him. She said that he was just a bad boy and told me that she and her friends had listened.

As the young boy was leaving the program, our friend Edward spoke to him. He said, “I have been like you. If you don’t let God change you, you will have trouble. Strength and money will not be enough.” Please pray that he trusts in Jesus.


Please stay on your knees and pray for the shows that we will do at a library tomorrow and a social center. Thank you!

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In Jesus,
Linda for the team
Sam – Assistant Director