Dearest Friends,

After a brief time at home, we are leaving today for Peru. Please hold us in your prayers!

We finished our time in ****** amazed at all the Father did! We saw 80 people gather for a street show. Our friends told us that such a crowd was incredible. This happened because you prayed! One lady spoke to me after the show in tears. She had never heard the Gospel before and was overcome as she heard about hope.

Our very last show was especially dear. We arrived as the children shouted"Hear come the clowns!" Children are very perceptive.
There are only 2 believers in this place and they expected to have a very difficult time after we left. The children and most of the teachers received the stories about Jesus with joy, but some were very unhappy. Ask the Father to call others to faith in this place.

We met so many people who told us that they became Christians in their 30’s or 40’s. That was the first time that they ever heard about Jesus.

Now, we head to the Andes. The children here are so precious! Please pray!

I saw such awesome things io our last trip because many of you were so diligent in your prayers. You were concerned for our safety. I wonder….What would happen if this trip was covered with such great prayer? Let’s see what the Father will do.

Please also pray about the support for the puppet ministry as more churches and friends notify me that they are reducing or canceling their missionary support. Please pray for all ministries as all of us are affected by these decisions.

I am expecting the Lord to wonderfully provide!

In Jesus,Linda for the team