We had planned to take 2 people with us to Uganda and now they cannot go. We desperately need at least one person and preferably 2 people to travel with us and serve on the puppet team. This is an incredible opportunity for someone to touch the children of Uganda for Jesus. We leave for Uganda September 24th, so it is urgent that you contact me immediately. Please reply to this email if the Lord is leading you to come with us.

Also, we need you to pray for the speedy return of Silvanna’s passport. She will not be able to travel to Uganda with her husband Sam Shaw unless she gets it back quickly.Sam is the assistant director, Presently, she is waiting for them to give her a UK visa . She is a vital member of the team and we need her to travel with us.

PLEASE PRAY! God can do anything. He already has the answers to these problems.

In Jesus, Linda Summer