Dearest Friends,


Over the last 4 nights, in Tralee and now in Galway, I have seen such brokenness. Every night, we have huge crowds, hundreds and hundreds of people who listen to the Gospel. They stare at me as I tell the stories about Jesus and I see such longing in their eyes. In all kinds of weather, they stand and listen. Many do not stop and just keep walking. We see young girls who are so badly dressed and so drunk. For many the morning will bring heartache.

Indeed, we see so many whose hearts are so hard. I have had CDs thrown at me and all of us have been cursed. Tonight, the abuse was enthusiastic. Every time I said God, a Muslim man yelled Allah. He was verbally abusive. One man became very aggressive with Sam while he was sharing and jerked his microphone off his head. As I write these words, they are trying to solder it back together. Another drunk tried to destroy Reality’s equipment. These things happened as hundreds stood and listened. Many thanked us. We ran out of free CDs.

My heart breaks for these dear people. I know the Father loves them and wants them to have a different life. Please pray for people to stop and listen. Please pray for wisdom and safety for the team. Ask the Father to pour out His Spirit on all we do. Also, our days are long. We usually leave the streets around 11 pm or so. We are up even later as we try to repair equipment. Pray for sweet rest.

Rejoice with us as all of us in Reality and The Agape Puppets love this work. We would choose to be no other place than the street. Lost people are not found by the hundreds in our churches, but they are waiting for us on the street. It is difficult and wonderful and sweet beyond words because you are so faithfully praying.

In Jesus,
Linda for the team