Dearest friends,

IMPORTANT: You will not hear from us the next two days, Thursday and Friday. We are going to Rakai where AIDS began in Uganda. There is no electricity where we are staying and no running water. We expect to have terrific ministry and in this heat, smell funny (especially Randy).


There are special moments that the Father gives us that are so dear it is hard to describe to you the wonder of those times. Yesterday was one of those amazing opportunities with the children.

I was finishing our third day of training with our new team. I was telling them the story of a little Ukrainian boy named Maxim. It is a precious story of the faith of a small child. As usual, half the room was full of children who sat in total silence every day just listening.

I realized that the children were truly listening to what I was saying. Earlier in the afternoon, Sam, Jared, and Randy had spent a long time with them sharing. I heard the Father as I was speaking and knew that He was doing something wonderful. I gave the children an invitation to accept Jesus as their savior. So many prayed, and loudly.

Our new puppet team was amazed. They could not believe that the children came every day and listened. They sat through hours of adult classes with joy. Yesterday afternoon was the time that God planned to call them to faith. It was the sweetest gift to us that we were able to be there and see such a wonder. My heart was full of joy. I am still smiling as I think about these little ones. Please pray for them to grow strong in their new faith!


Not far from where we are staying, a tree fell into the river. Someone cut off a limb and the tree stood back up. A witchdoctor came and took credit for "the miracle". He set up a place at the site to receive people who needed help. My friend told me that every day he saw a stream of people going down the road. The witchdoctor said he could solve any problem for a price. Then he would give his patrons a charm of some kind to carry with them. The charm could be a stick, a feather, or a powder. Do not dismiss these men as harmless or strange. They are evil and almost always demon possessed. Ask the Father to change their hearts or remove them. They sacrifice children. They deceive millions.


There is a large Indian population here. Mostly, they are shopkeepers. One friend said that they came to build the railroad and never left. Nearby us, there is a large Hindu temple full of false gods. Please ask the Father to remove this evil. The children here suffer so much and this is just another source of their suffering. There is no respect for women and children in this belief. Please pray for the Indian children here in Uganda to be delivered from darkness into God’s light.


We did a show in another market place. I truly thought that no one was listening. Half the crowd left when I said that Jesus was the Son of God in the middle of the story. Remember that 70% of this area is Muslim.

We never know what God is doing. I know this, but was sweetly reminded of this truth today. After the program, people came up to our friends and told us that they had prayed with us and put their trust in Jesus. How is this possible? Only God’s Holy Spirit can do such a wonder. Praise God (Mukama Yebazibwe!)


Today, our third show was scheduled at a religious school. When we arrived, they said, "We refuse to let you come." The teachers in this place would claim to be Christians, but they teach the children lies about God. They tell them that they can be good and go to heaven. The yard and the building were full of hundreds of children who did not know the truth. Please ask God to make a way for these children to hear about Jesus Christ and His love and sacrifice for them. Please ask the Lord to call the teachers to true faith.


1) As we drive down the road, the children shout "Muzungu". It means white person.

2) Everyone here seems to have a Ugandan name and an English name. However, it is different to meet men named Joan and Emma.

3) Last night, 5 lizards joined us for dinner.

4) Sam and I are so accustomed to not having hot water, we did not even ask when we discovered that the shower was cold. Today, we discovered that there is a hot water heater and tomorrow we leave for two days of no showers. Our sense of timing is amazing!

5) I saw a story today called "Glory to Glory Electrical Center."

6) The electric company passed out an advertisement that was titled "10 Easy Steps to Get Power." Each step essentially involved bribing various people to get you moved on to the next. Our friends here told us that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get electricity turned on in a building! In America, it is generally a phone call and less than 24 hours.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Jared, and Randy

P.S. I have been thoroughly enjoying the boiled eggs that we have been eating here in Uganda!