Dearest friends,

Yesterday was been a delightful day! We did 3 programs at three different schools for very poor children. The Father gave us the joy of sharing with almost 800 children and teachers. At 2 of the shows people from the community filled the windows and doorways wanting to listen. Most of the children were from Hindu homes, but we were at schools with Christians principals so we had total freedom. So many children called on Jesus, asking God to forgive them and Jesus to be their Savior.
I wish that you could see what we see. They sit on the floor or in the dirt. They look at me with hungry eyes. I see their longing. I watch their eyes light up with hope. I see the Father touch them. Your prayers are making a difference in these children’s lives.

As we traveled to the shows today, I saw so many things that I had seen before, but it seemed I was seeing them with fresh eyes. The rock outcroppings in this area are amazing. Many families crowd the roads with their scooters. A family of four will all ride on one bike. There is a sea of colors spread before our eyes as ladies in saris walk past. Many have red temple marks on their foreheads. Some have garlands of jasmine tied in their hair.

All of the trucks have paintings on them, bright flowers or evil looking faces that are supposed to scare evil spirits. Everywhere there are temples adorned with false gods. They are ugly, painted creatures that seem more the stuff of nightmares. Many have multiple arms and legs. Some are half beast and half human. The streets are dirty. It is very hot. Beggars sit outside the temples waiting for anything. Most people live in little tiny shacks. Many have metal roofs. It must feel like an oven in there.

Though I have seen all these things before, I want to describe this place to you so that you can know how these children live. Please pray for the children in this place to be delivered from darkness into light.

Yesterday, we saw a big sign in Hosur advertising there was a march on today. It is organized to protest against Christians. A radical political Hindu group will begin the group in a nearby village and move towards town. Hosur is the nearest town to the seminary and Bible College where we are staying. Please ask the Father to protect our friends in this place as everyone knows they love Jesus.

This is a difficult place for believers. It is not uncommon for them to endure harassment. Last year, many Christians saw their homes and churches burned. Please ask the Lord to defeat the plans of the evil one and protect these dear people, their families, and their homes.

In Jesus
Linda for