Dearest friends,

Urgent prayer. We are in a place where it is possible to live you entire life and never meet a Christian. There are so few Christians in this place and so many people who worship false gods. Everywhere we look there are temples and idols. There are patterns drawn on the ground out in front of our hotel drawn in the dirt to welcome the false gods into their houses. We saw the same patterns in the schools today. The patterns literally mean “to welcome the demons” and they are calling the demons into the places. This is a really dark place and we are seeing the one true God be the brightest light. We are seeing Him doing things that stagger our imagination, that just make us weep for joy. I can not believe all we are seeing. Already today we have shared with several thousand children, and tonight we finish at a village and we set up right in front of a Hindu temple with a big Hindu god to the right of us, yet all the people in the village came: the mothers, the fathers, the teenagers, the children everybody came and we had total freedom to share Christ, to invite them to pray with us. This can not happen except that so many people are already praying for us. But tomorrow we have 5 shows. The heat is unbelievable. The spiritual attach is fierce. The next day we have 3. We need people on their knees and we need you to rejoice because our God is the great God and we are seeing him prove that again and again and again. I will send more details when we have actual internet access, but it will be several days. So please tell people this. Ask them to rejoice with us at all God is doing. People here are hungry for the gospel.

In Jesus,
Linda for the team