Yesterday as we were finishing our programs at Chick Fil-A, I felt the Father urging me to do another short program. We were very tired as we had done 4 shows , 2 at the restaurant and 2 for children in gyms in other places in the city. It had been an incredible day, but it was getting late and I wrestled with my decision. However, I knew the Father was speaking to me, so I obeyed. Sometimes you get to know why He told you to do something. What happened as we finished really encouraged my faith.

An older man in a plaid shirt called me over to his table. He was eating dinner with his wife. He told me that he had just watched what was our last program. He ws so grateful for it. He said that he was very sad and depressed when he came into the restaurant and after listening to the pupppets sing and the short Bible story that I told about Joseph, he felt different. He was encouraged and felt changed. He said that he was happy now.He even called the manager and told her the same thing. Truly the power of the cross to heal our broken hearts is awesome! Praise God!

I was reminded again that only when God pours His spirit on what we do will we see people’s lives change. I was encouraged to listen to the Father and obey without hesitation. Please pray for this man and his wife.


As Heather was finishing her testimony, she said the the children could ask Jesus to be their Savior right now. A little girl sat up on her knees and said that she wanted to pray now! As all of the young people shared, the children responded with great enthusiasm and shouted encouraging words. They said……Awesome! Do it again! Wow! That was great! The other day when we were at the youth prison, one young man got very excited about a testimony he heard. He also replied with enthusiasm, shouting *******. I can not repeat what he said, but he was listening.

The children hugged me and wanted to know when we could come again. Sometimes, they ask for the chalk pictures and carry them away as though they are holding a treasure. Some kids cheered and clapped for Jesus as He calmed the storm.


At one place, a group of children began to pray in soft whispers and their voices got louder and louder as they prayed. God was growing courage in them. It was a sweet witness to the other children.


Please hold us in your prayers and especially pray for today a we are in 2 very hard places for the Gospel. The areas are in the inner city where there is alot of drug activity, prostitution, and brokenness. We want to be light. Many are homeless in t6hese areas and need to find their true home with the Father. We are working with incredible people at The Christian Community Center and The Helping Up Mission who minister to all the needs these people have. We need your prayers. More, these places need your prayers.

Please pray about supporting this work with the children. Most of the children that we are seeing this summer are so hungry to hear about Jesus, but there is no financial help for these shows. I am able to get into these places and share with thousands of children only because we are not charging for the programs. Most of these places are not committed to the presentation of the Gospel, but they are open to our coming. I am sharing at many churches and they are generous, but more help is needed. The children are desperate to hear and we are thrilled to go. Will you help us stand in the dark? Can you see these children?

In Jesus, Linda for Seth, Jared, Heather, Paige, and Christa