The following is a report that will make your heart sing! This is what we saw God do tonight as we shared on Grafton Street in Dublin. Please pray for each of these people as you read their stories. Please pray for our two times of ministry tomorrow, Saturday. Please know that these are not all of the stories as we had a huge team from the local church that we have partnered with here in Dublin. In all of the places where we have been, we have worked with a local church in the hope that we can connect people with other believers.


Many of us talked with a group of Muslim young men who stayed and listened to the show for a very long time. I also had a conversation with them where they told me that Jesus is dead. I told them that He was not dead, that He had risen from the dead. I told them that He was alive. They disagreed and responded that Mohamed was alive. I smiled and told them that he was absolutely dead and then I asked them a question. I said, “Did Mohamed ever even make a claim that he would rise from the dead?” They all stared at each other and looked very confused. Each one seemed to be waiting on the other one to answer the question, but no one had an answer.

One young man was more open than the others. I asked him if he had ever read the Bible. He said no. I told him that I had read part of the Koran and I challenged him that out of respect, he should at least read part of my Holy Book the Bible. He agreed to read the book of Luke and I gave him a copy. Please pray for all of these young men who have been deceived by a false faith.


1. Pray for a lady from Saudi Arabia that I spoke to about Jesus Christ and her need for faith in Him.
2. Please pray for Simon and Aaron who were at the program tonight,but do not know Jesus Christ.
3. Rejoice with us because a young woman prayed to receive Christ on the street tonight. Pray for her boyfriend to come to Christ.
4. Pray for Joanna who returned to hear more Jesus because she was overwhelmed by what she heard.
5. Pray for a drunk lady who spent most of the evening dancing in the street in front of us. She was so drunk that she almost got run over by an unmarked police car.She needs the deliverance that only Jesus gives.
6. Pray for Lisa who came to the program drinking, pregnant and admitted that she drinks 15 beers a day. This is her fourth child and there is some charge against her that will be settled in court this week. I shared with her and prayed with her. Michelle, a member of the band, also shared with her and tried to encourage her to stop drinking so that she could be a better mom. He needs Jesus.
7. Pray for Yamis who has rejected traditional church. He stated that he lives every day for that day, but admitted that he had an empty place inside of him. Only Jesus will fill this emptiness.
8. Many of us had conversations with people who were complaining about religion. They need to understand that Jesus is not a religion, He is a relationship.
9. Pray for Peter who thirteen years ago made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ ,but is not living for Jesus today. Our friend Joe challenged him with Romans 12:1. He told him that he needed to be a living sacrifice with his life.
10. Pray for the hundreds and hundreds of children, teenagers and adults who came tonight at different times and heard Truth. This is a dark place for the Gospel where more live without Christ than with Him.
11. Pray for a lady on a bike who was so amazed that the band’s CDs were free. She was surprised by their generosity, as thousands of others have been. On the CD there is a testimony from our friend Padraig that is especially good for a person from an Irish religious background to hear.
12. Pray for a homeless lady who needs to find her home with God.
13. Pray for an older man who was very lonely. He complained that his children and grandchildren only come to see him once a year. They are all so busy pursuing the pleasures of this life. He needs to find his comfort in Jesus Christ.
14. Nathan shared with several young people about his own testimony. He has only known Jesus for eleven months.He was unable to stop thinking about how Jesus died for him. He said he simply couldn’t just get it out of his head. Please pray for all of the young people that he shared with tonight. God knows their names.
15. As always, we enjoyed a lot of verbal abuse from the street. One young man accused the band of playing devil music but most of the rest preferred traditional curse words. Pray for us to continue to receive this abuse with love.
16. Pray for Mike who is homeless and has AIDS. He is a recovering drug addict and has very poor reading skills. Our friend is getting him an audio Bible. Pray for him to hear the Father’s heart.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam, Silvana, Heather, Mykayla, Krista, Seth, Anna, Flora, Stephen, Valerie, Julie, Nikita, Nathan, John, Anne, Raymie, Michelle, Brandon, Dana, Clare, Sarah, Padraig, Joe, Julie, Lauren, Kathryn