It has been raining here since early yesterday evening. It is still raining. The roads are all dirt. We have literally slipped, bounced, and slid our way to every show today. Sometimes, the water in the roads was so deep, it was like fording a stream. Some of the bridges were out.
The weather is so bad that several times the rural pastors that we were meeting did not believe that we would make it. As we climbed hills turned into mud slides, we sometimes wondered if we would get through. We were always praying. Many times it seemed that God our Father must have sent His angels to give us a push, many pushes.
With each stop, we picked up more passengers. We are driving a van, not a truck. Four wheel drive would be great, but we don’t have it. We have Someone better. We have a faithful Father who delivered us to every show. Praise God! This will be an on going problem, so please pray. Also rejoice… at every place there was a covered building where the children could getter. Yesterday, we did not have an inside choice, but we did not need it. We were able to do all of our shows outside. God is so good!
The buildings were usually pole structures with palm founds attached to the sides. Some had roofs of thatch or leaves. One had a tin roof. The children sat on homemade benches or on the ground. Even though it was pouring, hundreds turned out for the 4 programs. Some walked very far in the rain. No one complained. They were very happy despite their lack of all physical comfort. These dear children teach us lessons every day.
We had more blessings today. All of us are very wet and muddy, but we are not hot. I am especially grateful that we did not have the heat to deal with today.
It is very important that you hold to one big truth. We are having the time of our lives!


These are the names of 2 villages in the Number 2 District. People in this area follow traditional religion. That means that they put their trust in witch doctors. In the village of Juah, you could feel the darkness. We were told that in this place the Gospel is news. Many of the people have not heard about Jesus.
We used special language today to explain “the God who forgives”. We talked about the eternal life that He alone offers and the blessings of hope and peace that He gives in this life. I explained that the one true God is a jealous God who does not want His followers going after other beliefs.
In these areas, the church is not strong. When people profess Christ, they will still visit the witch doctor. He has a mirror and tells them that he can use it to tell their future. One of our friends says that he never says anything good. People believe what he says because he tells them that he speaks with their dead relatives. In every man’s heart is a God-shaped hole that he looks to fill.
Many times, the witchdoctor will give them a charm to wear, like a necklace. I saw children wearing these today. The witch doctors tell the parents that they must have this or the children will die.
Their authority is not questioned. Even the government supports them, giving the witch doctors an office in the main government headquarters in Monrovia. These men usually have many wives. Sometimes, parents will offer their daughters for marriage to them. These evil men are very powerful and very rich so the parents believe that they are making a good match.
Pray against these evil men. Ask God to deliver the villages of Waka and Juah into His wonderful light. Ask the Father to remove these witchdoctors. Pray for the hundreds of children who called on Jesus today to save them. Their voices were raised today for God and His truth. They made my heart sing.


When we arrived in Buchanan, we were 2 hours late. It is hard to predict your arrival when you are traveling on these roads. It was raining, but the children were still waiting for us. They were soaking wet and laughing and smiling.
Our friends had a big banner hung across the front of the house. It welcomed The Agape Puppets. They listed Mike, my husband, on the banner as the founder. This really touched my heart. Their entire welcome was very touching. Their greeting at the airport was so warm. It is such a delight and an honor to work with Pastors Ben, David, and Thomas. They always take wonderful care of us, always putting our needs before their own.


This is an orphanage located in a very rural area. It is a beautiful facility, full of so many hurting children. Some were made orphans because of poverty. Either a parent died because of poor medical treatment or they were too poor to take care of their children. Some children were made orphans because of the war and some saw their parents murdered. Many of these children put their trust in Jesus today. We are praising God!


Whitman is a little 11 year old boy who is an orphan. He lives at the SOS Children’s Home. Today, he sat beside me, watching while we were setting up. Then he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I love your eyes.” I smiled and told him that Jesus put the light in my eyes.
Today, Whitman put his trust in Jesus. I gave him the pictures from the story to carry home. Please hold Whitman in your prayers. He has the best smile! I told him that he must keep his eyes on Jesus and become a man of God. Little boys like Whitman can grow into the men who will change Liberia for Jesus Christ.

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam, Silvana, and David.