Last night, I went to bed thinking about today’s date and how the Father changed my family and friend’s life on September 21, 2005. This is the day that my husband Mike went to be with Jesus. I cannot help but think of it. I loved Mike since I was 17 years old. I love him still!
I was thanking the Father for all His blessings as I fell asleep. I awoke in the night in a cold sweat, having had terrible nightmares. I smiled because I often have such dreams when we are overseas. I always think that it is just the enemy trying to take my joy or strength.
Today, we were traveling a good distance to do programs at 2 schools where we had never been before. When I woke up from the nightmares, I thanked God for His strength and His joy and went back to sleep. I confess that I do not always do so well.
Then, the Lord gave me the sweetest gift. I very rarely have dreams about Mike, but I did last night. I was at a restaurant and Mike joined me. Then, we began to dance, but there was no music. Mike told me that it did not matter because when we were together, there was always music. It was a sweet dream!
Often today, I have smiled as I remembered love. I asked the Father this morning to make me a special blessing to someone. I prayed for an opportunity to speak with a widow. God answered my prayer. We visited with Ben’s mother. Her husband died while they were in refugee camps on the Ivory Coast. I shared scripture with her and prayed with her.
From Ben and David, I learned what would be the best way to bless her. She needed food. Rice here is a staple so we bought her a very large bag that Ben said should last for maybe 2 months. Then he smiled and said, “But my mother likes to be generous, so maybe, 1 month”.
I went to Ben’s mother and explained to her the significance of this day. I wanted to respect her. I asked if I could give her this gift as a way to remember love. She said yes and asked me to pray that God would give her strength for all her days. Her name is Alice. Please continue to pray for her. She told me that God always provided for her. I testify with Alice… God always provides for me.


This puppet team is really amazing. Sam, Silvana and David do the best job. Especially today, the children enjoyed the puppets. They cheered and laughed and blessed all of our hearts. I wish you could have seen their faces. They were full of joy!
Each one of them is very focused on the children’s need to know Jesus. If it is too hot or too wet, you will not hear them complaining. They have their eyes on Jesus. Traveling with them means that I always have family with me. They are the sons and daughter of my heart.
Hundreds of children prayed out loud today, asking Jesus to be their Savior. We even heard teenagers calling on Jesus. This was the sweetest and best day! How wonderful it is to see the Father redeem even the most terrible moments in our lives.
Today and every day in Liberia, I tell the children that when we put our trust in Jesus, we are never alone. I must walk in the wonder of this truth or I cannot teach the children what they need to face a hard life in Liberia. They must hold to the Father’s promises. You and I must hold to His promises.


Please hold the children in your prayers. Pray for the Father to give them tender hearts. Pray for our Liberian, Brazilian, English, Irish, American team to have strength and boundless love.


Today, God opened doors for us to share with children who were Bassa, Kpelleh, Kissi, Mandingo, and Fullah. So many children… so many tribes… all need Jesus!

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam, Silvana and David and many Liberians