Our plan was to begin training early in the evening with our Monrovian puppet team. God’s plan was to give me my heart’s desire. Often, when I speak, I quote Psalm 37:4, “Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart”. We had enjoyed 2 wonderful shows, but I really had prayed for 3 and was disappointed.
God knew my heart and gave us all a sweet gift. When we arrived at the church to begin training, our presence immediately attracted a crowd of children. Since most of the people in the class had never seen a puppet show, we realized that we would need to do a show for the adults. Since we had all the children there, we invited them inside. The church quickly filled with children and more continued to drift in during the program.
God gave us a third show. More, the adults and young people who had come to learn about puppet ministry heard so many children praying out loud. They heard them as they trusted in Jesus. The children’s wonderful responses to everything we did was the best lesson for our students. The children’s sweet prayers encouraged them to work on learning many new skills. God is so good to us!


We went to an enormous American rubber plantation to do a program for some of the children. It is so large that we would need days to cover the more than 40 schools that are located on the plantation.
The people who work there do not have an easy life. Life is hard and the living conditions are not good. Many families still have only 1 room for their family. The newer houses were described as nicer to me. They have 2 rooms for family. Though the children lack in worldly possessions, they possess great hunger for God. They were waiting on us when we arrived, crowded in a small, dark, 1 room building. This was the church.
We decided to go to a nearby field and set up outside. If this option exists, we always take it since it allows the community to attend. So many young men enjoyed the crowd. Our time together was precious as many responded to God’s call to them. Please pray for these children to grow strong and deep in their new faith.
We also did another show for the children of a very small town located right beside the plantation. Over 300 hundred children were gathered inside a school. Some prayed with us very softly. This was the first time that so few children had prayed with us at a program. It was a good reminder of a truth that we know. Only God moves the children to call on Him. It is not anything that we do. Thank you Father!


It is Sunday here. I can see the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto shore from where we are staying. It is raining and has rained all night.
My thoughts are on the service that we are about to attend. I am wrestling with something that I have thought so much about in Africa… pain.
Children come to me and say “Oma (grandmother) there is nothing in my belly.” They come to the shows wearing rags for clothes. Sometimes, I see them with only a shirt on or only underwear. I look into their eyes and see such deep needs, such longing. Their little hands burn with fever. I am surrounded by people in pain with no hope.
Perhaps, as you see these children in your heart’s eye, you are tempted to ask a question. Where is God in all of this suffering? Some of you have written and expressed this thought. I tell you the truth. This question never, never tempts me. I know where God is. He is here! In the midst of all this pain, He waits to comfort. In the midst of all this brokenness, He waits to mend hearts. I know my Father cares as I could never care. I know Jesus loves these children as I could never love them.
In all of this pain, I see hope. Truly God is at His best when life seems impossible. This is an impossible place, but I know my Father is the God of the impossible. Because Jesus rose from the dead, this question has an answer.
Please continue to pray for us as we have only 3 days left to touch these little ones for the cross.

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam, Silvana and David and our Liberian Friends