Dearest Friends,

I have written this letter to you so many times in my head and in my heart. I want you to taste the wonder of what we have seen God do this year. We have traveled to 2 countries in the Middle East, to South Africa, to India, to the Amazon region in Brazil, to Ireland, to Northern Ireland, to Liberia, and across 10 states. By His grace, we have seen such wonders! I have seen and heard Muslim and Hindu children calling on Jesus to save them. I have watched as children in desperate poverty found their hope in Jesus Christ. I have seen orphans discover that there is a Father who loves them. We saw children with AIDS find their healing at the foot of the cross. I have seen children witness terrible violence and discover Jesus and His lasting peace. Who could imagine such blessings!

I confess to you that my heart has broken and is still breaking for all the needs that we could not meet, but I trust the Father has a plan that I do not see. I have rejoiced and continue to rejoice in the great faith of those that we serve with all over the world. Their stories are amazing!

In the course of a year, there are many stories that are not told. I call these the lost stories and over the next few days, I will share with you some of these delights and wonders . Please watch for these emails and share them with friends who need a blessing.

Please pray for me as some 500 children, teenagers and adults will come through my home this Christmas season. Ask the Father to make me light in thjeir darkness. Already, so many children who have visited have asked me to make my home their home. They ache to be loved and comforted. I cry alot, but I rejoice more as I share with them about the one who can hold them when they are alone.

I would also ask you to pray and consider blessing the puppet ministry with your prayers and a financial gift. We in the west are so blessed! I humbly ask you to consider the needs of the children around the world. Please help us tell them who can give them hope! I am making decisions for the coming year of ministry and need your help. If the Lord calls you to participate in this way, please visit our website You can give online or see the contact details . Above all else, please make the focus of this season our sweet Savior.

In Jesus,Linda