Dearest Friends,


One of the delights of my life is the partnership I enjoy with Sam Shaw. He and his wife Silvana live by faith as they trust God to provide for their needs, so that they can focus on the needs of the children of the world. Sam has wisely decided to return to his college studies and finish his degree, working towards a Master’s degree. He can not travel with me as much as he did in the past 5 years. There are no words that I could write to adequately describe my gratitude and love for Sam and Silvana. They are blessings from God!

Please pray for all of us as we make these necessary changes on the 2 trips that Sam cannot take this year. Please write to him and ask to be added to his email list so that you can continue to stand with he and Silvana in prayer. His address is
Also please pray especially for the 2 young men who have joined me on this trip, seeking to stand in the gap. Padraig is from Ireland and Jared lives in upstate New York. I am so excited to have their company!


Prayerfully, we leave Tuesday evening for the Middle East. Atlanta is in the middle of a winter snow and ice storm. Though I havee enjoyed playing in the snow today, I really want to fly on schedule! Please pray that we will be able to fly out on time with no weather delays. Please pray that they will be able to transport all of our bags safely. Please pray especially for the children that we will meet. Ask God to cal them to faith.
Thank you for your prayer!

In Jesus, Linda for
Padraig Costello and Jared Bolstridge