Dearest Friends,

You will love what God is doing in the Middle East! I stand in awe of the Father. I cannot be very specific about some friends because they are working in very sensitive areas. Still, I can tell you enough that you can see God’s mighty hand as He is moving here and in other countries in this part of the world. Rejoice! Keep praying!


1. Always, my sweetest delight is hearing children call on Jesus, asking Him to be their Savior Again today, we were blessed.
2. Yesterday we had the joy of training a new “old” team. Let me explain. The team that we trained last year was not able to continue for a variety of reasons. They gave the equipment to Pastor Joseph and his churc. We spent over 6 hours Saturday, training/retraining these friends. Please pray for Alex who is the new director of the team. This team is located in a city of over a million people. Their church is located in an area of the city that is 95% Muslim.
3. The times of fellowship here are so dear! Twice today we have sat with our family in Christ around the table talking and eating for hours. The first meal was Chinese and the second was traditional Arabic food. The hospitality of our friends is extravagant.
4. I am extra excited to share plans with you to publish a book here in Arabic that will help friends share with children God’s great rescue plan through faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray that the Lord will take these poor words and us them to help our Middle Eastern family to touch their children for Jesus. This is a special joy for me to have this opportunity to serve in this way. This project requires great prayer. I spent some time today with a friend making plans for this ministry.
5. Padraig shared with 2 American servicemen home from military service in the Middle East. They both are receiving our newsletters. Please pray for these 2 young men. Ask the Lord to keep them safe. The Father knows their names.
6. We are blessed to work with a lovely young woman named Lulu who blesses every hour that we spend together. We have so much fun doing ministry with her. She has done a fantastic job on the schedule and translates every day for me. Hold her in your prayers.
7. Today, we met with a precious couple who is working to share Christ with children in a country where such ministry is absolutely forbidden! They are using puppets and we were able to bless them with some puppets and new supplies. More, we discussed plans that could reach many children in this particular Muslim country with the hope who is Jesus. Already, their family has had to leave their home because of this ministry. I so wish that I could give you the amazing details of this story because they would make your heart sing, but the risk for these friends is too great. Pray for this family.
8. Today, at lunch, we made plans to potentially equip a third team here next year. We are trying to place the teams for maximum coverage of the nation’s children. Begin to pray for this possibility!
9. Words can also be a blessing. Jared was very blessed when many different people today thought he was 25 not 17. Presently, his head is stuck in a door.
10. Padraig was delighted when a little girl gave him her picture as a thank you gift. He is very blessed!


May God bless each of you as you are blessing the children of the Middle East with your prayers! Keep praying! Tuesday evening, we leave for village areas in the north where we are told people are committed to their Muslim faith. We need you to go ahead of us with your prayers.
In Jesus,

Linda Summer for
Jared and Padraig