Dearest Friends,

We are all safe in India. Getting through customs was very interesting: Sam was stopped and questioned about the stage. He told them that it was like a tent and explained that he likes to make pictures in front of it. All of this was actually true as we often make pictures of the children in front of it. They mark white "X"’s on them if they want to check them. I threw my raincoat over the suitcases and pushed them through the line. No one stopped me.

Tomorrow we will travel to the south of India to start ministry there. We are planning on training and equipping a team at a Bible school. Please pray for safe travel as this is a ten-hour drive on very bad roads. This is Padraig’s first visit to India and already he has been affected by the presence of so many false gods. For myself I always notice all the children begging on the streets. It is very important to have as many puppet teams and trained children’s workers as possible in this very dark place.

We were warmly welcomed by our friends at Asian Christian Academy. Pray for them and ourselves to be bright lights in this very dark place.

In Christ,
Padraig, Anna and Sam