Dearest Friends,

800 Children

I was amazed today as I watched an ocean of children standing in the full sun to watch our program. At night it drops to the 70’s and during the day, the temperature climbs over 100. This show was at noon and the children were so hot. My heart was challenged by the spiritual hunger I saw in their eyes. Would you and I stand in such heat to hear about Jesus? Please pray that we will let nothing keep us from feeding the spiritual hunger in their eyes.

We shared today at 2 schools, and though we could not pray with them, we told them how to ask Jesus to be their Savior. Please pray that God will touch these children with His Spirit. Sam and I want to see many children from Nepal in heaven.


We spent the afternoon training at a small church, trying to give them ideas that the Nepali Christians could use in their Sunday Schools. No one has resources, so the ideas needed to be using things they had. This was a sweet challenge.

The power was out so the little room was very warm. They never complained. I marvel at how focused they were on the children’s need to hear about Jesus. Three of these times are scheduled with different churches. Please hold these brothers and sisters in your prayers. They work in extremely hard, hot places with precious few resources. Already, I have heard people express that they get few visitors. Please pray about taking a trip to this place. The needs in Nepal are great.


Today, we ate momos. They are balls of dough stuffed with meat and rice flavoured with onions and curry powder. You can get chicken, mutton, but these were buffalo. I am not in Georgia anymore.

Prayer Requests

Sunday is on Saturday here. Please pray for the time that we will spend at a church tomorrow. Hold these precious children in your prayers.

In Jesus,

Linda for the team