Dearest Friends,
We finished our time in Baltimore with great joy! We did many shows in the inner city and in near-by cities. We saw so many children come to faith.. They laughed with us and many prayed with us. After each show, children would come to see me , thanking me for the stories that they had heard about Jesus. Where ever we went, there were children who remembered last year’s story.  They loved the new skit on Indiana Jones, as well as the new songs. Every Director commented on how well the children listened. One lady said that they only listen so well once a year…when we come to do a program. Truly God poured His spirit on those opportunities.
 The temperatures were very warm.On Friday, the heat index was 116. I was told that the hottest week in Baltimore last year was the week that we were in town. Apparently, that will also be true this year. Do not worry. Our friends took wonderful care of us and the Father always provided us with just what we needed.
This was a very special time to be with children that are really hurting. It became the norm for children to tell me stories about their homes that would break your hearts. Often, children told me that they were afraid or that their father or more often, their mother’s boy friend, hit them. Often I was asked  the same question…..Does God know? Does God care?  How do you answer a child with such deep pain? I always talk about Jesus and His promises. I talk with t hem about sin and its awful consequences. I tell them that they must be forgiven so that they can forgive. I love them in Jesus’ name. I do my best to encourage them that they do not have to live their parents’ lives. I want them to have hope.
 Please pray for all the children who came to the shows. Ask God to give you His eyes so that you can see them. Please thank the Father for the generosity of the churches in Baltimore who invited us to come and share with them. Their generosity made this ministry possible.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will do a show in a park at 1 PM. We will be working with 8th Street community church. Please pray for us. Ask the Father to gather a crowd and please pray that they are receptive.
In Jesus, Linda for the Team