Dearest Friends,

They kissed my feet

Last night, 200 little girls, mostly Hindu, listened to the sweet story of Jesus and how they are a treasure to the one true God. When we finished the program, the girls crowded around me and began to kiss my feet. I pulled them up off the ground and said, “No, I am not holy. There is nothing special about me. Only Jesus is worthy of such an honor.”

My translator, Anatosh was a former ACA student. He explained to me that many of them had asked Jesus to be their Savior. Since they were mostly from Hindu backgrounds, this is the way they understood to show gratitude. We talked with them a long time. Please pray for these little girls.They are living at a Methodist school and they will have opportunity to hear more about Jesus. Please ask the Lord to help them grow strong in their faith! We are blessed!

500 Boys

How kind God is to us! 500 boys sat on the ground or stood at a wonderful program yesterday afternoon. All of their teachers attended as well and some of them are strong believers who will encourage the boys to learn more about Jesus.

It was incredible. They listened so intently and really enjoyed the program. All of us had fun doing the program as we could feel their interest and delight in their laughter and smiles.

Most were Hindu and from very poor families. They had many problems and Jesus can solve them all. Pray for these boys!

Our Students

We are having the sweetest time teaching at the Bengal Bible Training Institute. Most of our students are from poorer, tribal families. They have not had many educational opportunities so my teaching style really needed to change to better meet their needs. They are quick to grasp a skill and have good hearts. It is an honor to train them to work with children. Most had to learn English to begin their studies. In fact, most people that I meet in India speak 2 to 4 languages. This is a country of many languages, so good language skills are necessary for day to day communication.

India has 28 states. We are training students from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam. One student is even from Nepal. Please pray for these young men. They can reach many children that we will never see.

Please pray for their teachers who we are training to become the puppet team. They are enthusiastic students!

In Jesus
Linda for