Dearest Friends,

Street Boys

In Ouagadougou, many children roam the streets. Tonight, our crowd of boys escaped from the Maribou, men that force them to beg on the streets. They are often beaten and starved, so it is no wonder they run away. They sleep wherever they can find a place.

Please pray for these boys. Though everyone commented on how well they listened, not one boy prayed. We will be with them again tomorrow morning. Like many of the shows that we have done here we are translating the story from English into French into a third language. Please pray for the entire team as even the young people are exhausted. We remain thrilled that we came to Burkina Faso.

800 Children

In 2 shows earlier today, we heard hundreds of children trust in Jesus! Praise God! One was at a church school in a village and the other was at a large public school with many mothers in attendance.

Our first program was under a big shady tree. The children brought the benches from their school and we were all in the shade. The second show was in the full sun and it was really hot. We had many problems to pray through as we dealt with teachers with attitudes and pushy parents. It would have been easy to quit, but when we looked into the eyes of hundreds of children sitting in the dirt in front of us. We decided to suffer the adults and focused on the children’s need. God is kind to us and always faithful!

In Jesus,
For Linda Seth, Paige, and Heather